No option to create new folder in hidden Thunderbird directory.

I Need to change the fonts in a couple panes in my Thunderbird email program. to do this I do and %APPDATA% and drill down to my ******.default directory and create a chrome folder then make a userChrome.css file with the info I need in it. I get to the folder I need to create a new "chrome" or any new folder and I don't have the option with a right click. Whether I have "show" hidden files enabled or not.

How can I make Win 7 let me make a new folder where I please, I am admin and no other users, guest acct is off. Seems like I did it with the betas but not real sure...... as a matter of fact I did it with my old puter... just got this Dell and using Its version of Windows 7. I knew I should have blown all this away as long as I was starting fresh anyway and used my store bought Win 7. All that aside, can you help? I sure would like to get this going as it is. I've got about 3 weeks worth of work into it now. Thank You


I was gonna mark this as SOLVED but didn't find a way to edit the original post. I got it. I went to the tree pane and was able to make a new folder and all's well now, don't know why I didn't try before, alway stayed on the right soide whatever that's called. Anyway I got it so any Mods if you read this can mark it SOLVED or whatever you do in these cases. Thanx, Bob I'm not mad at Dell any more LOL :razz:

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