No screensaver, no display OFF, no SLEEP

I have: Win7 Home Premium (since October '09), 64bit Dell Inspiron 518, ASUS 24" monitor. I use Avast! "protection"

For about 4 days, I've not been able to invoke any screensaver, display OFF or SLEEP. I've changed all settings for these actions and changed back. I've started up (with) Clean Boot twice. I've made sure all my drivers are updated...they are. I've uninstalled any/all 3rd party screensavers.

Nothing has changed.


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I've had the wireless mouse for about 4 months and as of today, I have the latest driver. It's just uncanny why this whole "section" of operations went out at the same time with no warning.


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I'd still suggest to try it with a wired mouse so we can rule that out before we go on. This has been the solution for many. Let's not worry about "why" for now, but first try to resolve the issue.

Here's what I did and it worked! I plugged in wire mouse and downloaded the software that goes with...then plugged my wireless mouse. Wireless mouse works fine and I have accurate screensaver, "display OFF" and SLEEP modes, initiating at the exact times I set. Thank you! By the way...what does BSOD mean?


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BSOD stands for a horror movie... I mean a horror situation with Bill Gates... I mean with Windows. It stands for Blue Screen Of Death. It's when the computer suddenly explodes... I mean stops working and the screen turns yellow... I mean blue... with white letters that only professionals can understand :)

OK...nothing worked for long, so I purchased a new Logitech corded mouse. The mouse works fine but I still have no screensaver, displayoff, or sleep mode. What might you suggest next. I'm open.

Joe S

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Do you use Magic Jack by chance? There is a post on an update this causing those problems.

Yes I do and that is the cause of my problem. If I unplug majicjack there's no problem. I talked with MJ and they admit that their latest download causes this. I'm the one who posted the update.

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