Windows 8 Nomura: With Windows 8, Microsoft "trying to be cool like Apple while being functional like a nerd"


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Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund has a new note out in which he describes Windows 8's straddling of the keyboard-and-mouse and touch-centric worlds as "trying to be cool like Apple while being functional like a nerd." He gives his thoughts on the opinion -- growing louder in recent days -- that while Windows 8's Metro user interface works well on touch devices, its integration with the traditional ...

Source: Yahoo! News
Whatever it takes, MS needs to make an impression on the users who likes "cool" things. Their numbers are huge, and often are the biggest spenders on the newest, coolest technology. MS has to bring at least some of these users in, soon after Windows 8's release. The progress Windows 8 CP is making, it has the potential to.

What MS should have done, when HP was flip-flopping about getting out of the PC business, was to make an offer to HP, gotten it in writing so that it would've been binding, and broke into the computer market themselves. The opportunity was there, MS just didn't make a move (or if they did, they didn't tell us).

Microsoft has many years of good things in the future, what they clearly need is a superb marketer, who can pull in these crowds. And there's a few, who has seen their better days (one of which we all know who I'm referring to, Mr. B). Microsoft will be fine, they're just going to have a make a youth movement in some areas, if they expect to bring in the "cool" croud.