Non responding on various running programs


Using 7700 build of Windows 7 various programs become non-responsive for extended periods

Windows Explorer can take an age to load a directory ( or sometimes never )
Google Chrome becomes non responsive
Internet Explorer also non-responsive
Eve has started having issues

This never happened pre-7. Its not everytime ( hell I can write this mail !) but it is daily and it is regular. It got slightly better for a time with the recent update ( 21/9 ) but it has got more frequent ( 2days!).

The oddest thing about it is this never happened when I got the beta ( mid-august) it ran like a dream really happy with it. Now its like its buggy as hell. There has been no change to my computer, I tried a fresh install but it was back very quick.

Any help appreciated !



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Hmm...strange. How fast did you burn the disk Jon?

I got so annoyed I went back to XP, which didnt work either ..

Then it dawned on me, I did add another HDD to it. That was an old one which I had historic problem with but forgot.

So to date no problems...

<-- Feels an idiot :)


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LOL...Well if it's any conciliation..

Your not alone....:D
Many times I have done something

Anyway Jon, your up and running and I hope that the near future is problem free.... If not, post back. :)

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