Not the normal "unidentified network" problem

First off, Hi everyone!

I was lucky (?) enough to get a win7 party pack but so far have had nothing but network issues. I have completely given up on wireless - its hopeless. Driver support from belkin is pretty lame.

My issue now is that i am trying to connect my original (NOT 360) xbox to my PC via cable. Simple and straight forward enough? I thought so too. Not the case.

Obviously i use a program like flash fxp to transfer files across which was all good in both vista and xp, but now whenever i connect the cable in win7, i get the "Unidentified Network" and connection through flashfxp times out.

Like i said, I am NOT trying to connect to the internet (i have just spent £140 on getting a new line hardwired for that), just trying to connect my old xbox to my pc to transfer some music & movies over.

I have tried using both static and DHCP, and i'm currently on static.
I have tried changing the network type from public to home and then to work. - no dice.
I have tried disabling Homegroup as i have read on some forums. - no dice
I have tried 'Diagnosing' the connection many many times wiht no success.
I have the newest drivers for my motherboard. - ASUS P5Q-E
I have done clear a CMOS.

I'm not exactly an expert with computers but i know a bit and have been at this for days and read gods knows how many different forum posts, but nearly all refer to internet issues, whereas i've given up on the wireless network.

I just want to transfer my music and movies to and from my xbox.

Can anyone gives this tired mind some fresh ideas?

Thanks for reading/posting.

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