Windows 11 Noted Windows 11 Challenges


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Jan 18, 2022
I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 11. It looks stylish but I have noted one serious problem. Whenever I want to search through my files, I don't get feedback with respect to PDF files. Instead, it gives feedback in connection with word files only. An example is necessary. I have about a thousand judgments on my laptop. I wanted to get judgments which discuss the issue of “statutory rape” but windows 11 will just spot only judgments in word format but can’t do so with respect to PDF files. Generally, windows 11 is very weak in connection with this aspect. I have consulted an IT expert to help me to replace Windows 11 with Windows 10 but he failed. This is deeply frustrating.

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you can run W10 inside a v-box \ hyper -V senario or [what i would do] replace the drive that came with the system with a new blank drive and install Windows 10 on that

i assume the real issue here is your laptop doesn't have a valid Windows 10 key since it never was designed to run it so if you don't have a spare key then buying another Windows 10 laptop or desktop may turn out to be better value than trying to gummy-rig this one... in any event Windows 10 ends in 3 more years and you don't have a choice after that
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