NVIDIA Driver installation issue

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by Spooky, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I've encountered a rather bizzare problem when trying to install drivers for my GeForce 9600 GS's.

    I'd had issues with the NVIDIA networking controller and managed to get them fixed, but in the process I removed the video drivers.

    My problem now is that whenever I try to run the installer for the 266.58 driver, the whole PC freezes.
    If I leave the machine alone, it stays stable. It's only when I try and run the executable.

    I've completely removed the existing drivers so that it's running with standard VGA software and I also ran Drivesweeper and CC Cleaner to remove any references to the old ones in the registry. I'm running out of ideas as I've been looking at it now for 2 days.

    The above also happens regardless of whether I boot in safe mode or normal.

    Just tried manually updating the driver from a backed up .inf file in Device Manager and guess what. It's frozen again:mad:
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    I have had the same problem with the nvidia geoforce 8600m gs on my notebook, I have been on every forum trying to find answers and it seems to be the video card is kaput , so there is one answer,I have reinstalled windows vista ,changed memeory sticks tried all types of drivers, I have even seen videos on how to cook your nvidia gpu with some cabbage and onions for ten minutes at 200c to fix it ,will probably try the latter,support does not exist from nvidpia or fujitsu siemens who made my expensive box of frustration, and to boot when fujitsu siemens started getting complaints about their products they went seperate ways ,nvidia points the finger at these two , so as usual its the customer who gets the wrap for buying a faulty product that has windows installed on it,I shall buy mac from now on

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