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I figure I can get a good answer here.

I received a bonus at work, and want to build a new puter based on the i7 chipset. I just wonder why the 950 is cheaper than the 940??? All specs are the same except the chip speed. I mean a big difference in price. Oh I will be using Win 7 for sure.

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The 950 is only a few Mhz difference than the 940 and the 920 is already discontinued in some places. It looks like they quickly replaced the 940 with the 950. They can't price the 920 and 940 much lower than the 950 and still sell them in my opinion, esp. with their other processors designed for mid and low-range such as the i5 and i3 which use cheaper socket motherboards. (Ironically some of these boards have some pretty good features if purchased from the right manufacturer). The 920 is still on and is almost the same price as the 950... no way they can continue to sell all 3 at nearly the same price with the price cuts they put in place.

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