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On This Day in History: Wednesday, Jul 06, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1747, John Paul Jones, "I have not yet begun to fight."
--> 1946, Sylvestor Stallone, "Yo!"
--> 1952, Shelly Hack, actress, angel.
--> 1954, Allyce Beasley, actress.

Events on this day in history:
--> 1885, First inoculation (for rabies) of a human being, by Louis Pasteur, who also invented pasteurization to prevent food from spoiling.
--> 1886, Horlick's of Wisconsin offers first malted milk to the public.
--> 1928, Preview of first all-talking motion picture took place in NYC.
--> 1932, First Class postage back up to 3 cents from 2 cents.
--> 1933, First All-Star baseball game. American League won 5-2.
--> 1954, Elvis Presley, makes his first record at age 19.


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On This Day in History: Friday, Jul 08, 2011

Famous people born on this day:
--> 1839, John D. Rockefeller.
--> 1951, Angelica Houston, actress.
--> 1958, Kevin Bacon, actor.
--> 1970, Beck Hanssen, Singer Songwriter.
--> 1973, Kathleen Robinson, actress.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1796, First American Passport issued by the US State Department.
--> 1835, The Liberty Bell cracks (again.)
--> 1889, Vol 1, No 1, of "The Wall Street Journal" published.
--> 1896, William Jennings Bryan makes his "cross of gold" speech at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.
--> 1897, Harbor Hospital formally opens.
--> 1905, Part of Angel Island allocated for Immigration Detention Center.
--> 1992, Annual Chesapeke turtle derby, (turtle races Baltimore, MD.)
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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.................AAAHHHHHHHGGGGGG What day is it?

OH, July 9th

1536 - French navigator Jacques Cartier returns to Saint-Malo from Canada (and proclaimed, what a pucking country)

1572 - 19 Catholic priests hanged in Gorcum (Denmark)

1815 - 1st natural gas well in US is discovered

1868 - 1st black cabinet member in SC (Francis L Cardozo-sect of state)

1891 - Irene Coit is 1st woman admitted to Yale University

1893 - Dr Daniel Hale Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery without anesthesia (on what a cadaveur?)

1942 - Anne Frank, 13, goes into hiding with her family & 4 other Jews

1944 - World's largest circus tent catches fire at Ringling Brother's - Barnum & Bailey 2nd performance, 168 die (Hartford Conn)

1948 - Satchel Paige, 42, debuts in majors pitching 2 scoreless inn for Cleveland (bet you never realized he pitched in the majors)

1955 - First black executive on White House staff (E Frederic Morrow)

1955 - Bill Haley & Comets' "Rock Around the Clock" tops billboards chart

1997 - Mike Tyson is banned from boxing, for biting Holyfield's ear


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July 10th

1652 - England declares war on Netherlands

1890 - Wyoming becomes 44th state of US (1st with female suffrage)

1913 - Death Valley, California hits 134 °F (~56.7 °C), which is the highest temperature recorded in the United States.

1925 - Meher Baba begins his silence of 44 years. His followers still observe Silence Day on this date in commemoration.

1938 - Howard Hughes flies around the world in 91 hours

1940 - Battle of Britain began as Nazi forces attacked by air (114 days)

1943 - US, British and Canadian forces invade Sicily in WW II (Operation Husky)

1956 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island

1985 - Coca-Cola Co announces it will resume selling old formula Coke


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On This Day in History: Monday, Jul 11, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1767, John Quincy Adams, 6th President from (1825 - 1829).
--> 1899, Eb White
--> 1920, Yul Bryner, actor, famous bald person.
--> 1931, Tab Hunter
--> 1934, Giorgio Armani, Fashion Designer.
Events on this day in history:

--> 1804, Burr and Hamilton duel. Hamilton looses.
--> 1864, Confederate forces invade Washington DC. led by General J. Early.
--> 1955, U.S.A.F. Academy dedicated at Lowry AFB in Colorado.
--> 1962, First transatlantic TV transmission via satellite (Telstar I.)
--> 1985, Nolan Ryan, first major league pitcher, to strike out 4000 batters.

And don't forget...

--> National Holiday of the People's Republic of Outer Mongolia.
(Celebrated mainly in Ulan Bator, yurt capital of Asia.)
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July 11th

1801 - French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovers his 1st comet

1812 - US invades Canada (Detroit frontier)

1921 - Mongolia gains independence from China (National Day)

1962 - Cosmonaut Micolaev set then record longest space flight - 4 days

1974 - House Judiciary Committee releases evidence on Watergate inquiry (and Nixon starts preparing his denial speech)

1975 - Chinese archeologists discover a 3-acre burial site with 6,000 clay statues of warriors dating as early as 221 BC

1981 - Neva Rockefeller is 1st woman ordered to pay her husband alimony (and the villagers rejoice)


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July 12th, 2011:

  • 100 BC Roman leader Gaius Julius Caesar (0102 BC by some calanders) born
  • 526: Election of Felix III as Pope
  • 1073: Death of St. John Gaulberto
  • 1109: Crusaders capture Syria's harbor city of Tripoli
  • 1153: Coronation of Anastasius IV as Pope
  • 1174: King Henry II does penance at Canterbury for Becket's murder
  • 1174: William the Lion made prisoner at Alnwick
  • 1191: The armies of the Third Crusade (1189-92), led by England's King Richard ('TheLionhearted'), captured the Syrian seaport of Acre
  • 1221: Pelagius leads the 5th Crusade up the Nile
  • 1290: Jews are expelled from England by order of King Edward I
  • 1328: Marriage of David II, King of Scotland, to Joanna, sister of Edward III of England
  • 1346: Landing of the English army at St. Vaast la Hogue, Cotentin, Normandy
  • 1450: Death of Jack Cade
  • 1536: Death of Desiderius Erasmus
  • 1543: England's King Henry VIII marries Catharine Parr (his 6th & last wife), She outlived him
  • 1627: English troops under Buckingham land on the Isle of Rhe
  • 1645: Death of Michael I, Czar of Russia
  • 1690: Protestant forces led by William of Orange defeated the Roman Catholic army of James the Second at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland
  • 1730: Josiah Wedgewood , English potter, industrialist and writer. born
  • 1757: Composer Christian Danner born
  • 1789: Fire sweeps through Paris following 2 days of rioting
  • 1794: Russian zoologist Heinrich Christian Pander born
  • 1812: US forces lead by Gen. Hull invade Canada (War of 1812)
  • 1817: American writer Henry David Thoreau born
  • 1843: Mormon church founder Joseph Smith announced that a divine revelation had been given him sanctioning polygamy among his newly-organized religious followers
  • 1849: Canada, physician/author William Osler. He studdied the circulatory system. born
  • 1854: George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, was born. It was this man who in 1919 gave the 3-and-a-half Million dollars that made it possible to establish the Eastman School of Music. The Eastman School would become a hotbed of talented composers later in the century.
  • 1862: Congress authorized a new award, the U.S. Medal of Honor, often called the Congressional Medal of Honor
  • 1878: Turkey cedes Cyprus to Britain
  • 1884: Amedeo Modigiani, Italian painter, sculptor, and draftsman. born
  • 1884: Actor Joseph Crehan, Baltimore MD,(Charlie Chan-Meeting at Midnight) born
  • 1895: Kirsten Flagstad, Norwegian operatic soprano famous for her Wagnerian roles. born
  • 1895: Oscar Hammerstein II, lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers born
  • 1895: R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome born
  • 1898: Peter Deyneka, missions pioneer. He founded the Slavic Gospel Association in 1934. This mission undertakes evangelistic work in Europe and South America. born
  • 1908: Comedian Milton Berle "Uncle Miltie" born
  • 1917: Artist Andrew Wyeth born
  • 1920: The Panama canal, was officially opened by President Woodrow Wilson. The project began in 1881. The first ship actually sailed through on January 7, 1914
  • 1922: Hindemith's "Kammermusic for Winds" was premiered in Cologne. This witty piece, an early composition with traces of jazz here and there, is still popular with wind ensembles today
  • 1933: A new U.S. industrial code was established to fix a minimum wage of 40 cents an hour. This was the first national minimum wage law passed by the U. S. Congress
  • 1934: Pianist Van Cliburn born
  • 1934: US Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz Island abandoned
  • 1937: Comedian Bill Cosby born
  • 1943: Singer-musician Christine McVie born
  • 1944: Actress Denise Nicholas born
  • 1944: The RAF becomes the first air force to use jet aircraft in operational service
  • 1948: Fitness guru Richard Simmons born
  • 1948: Actor Jay Thomas born
  • 1948: Singer Walter Egan born
  • 1949: Rock singer-musician John Wetton (Asia; King Crimson) born
  • 1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower resigns from the army to begin his presidential campaign
  • 1956: Gospel singer Sandi Patti born
  • 1957: Actress Mel Harris born
  • 1962: Rock guitarist Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum) born
  • 1965: Rock singer Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms) born
  • 1969: Actress Lisa Nicole Carson born
  • 1971: Olympic gold medal figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi born
  • 1972: George McGovern won the Democratic presidential nomination at the party's convention in Miami Beach
  • 1973: Rapper Magoo born
  • 1974: John Ehrlichman, a former aide to President Nixon, and three others were convicted of conspiring to violate the civil rights of Daniel Ellsberg's former psychiatrist
  • 1976: Singer Tracie Spencer born
  • 1976: Hans Werner Henze got a Marxist opera staged in London. It was called "We Come to the River" and was a revolution manifesto
  • 1977: President Carter defended Supreme Court decisions limiting government payments for poor women's abortions, saying, "There are many things in life that are not fair."
  • 1978: Actor Topher Grace ("That 70's Show") born
  • 1981: For the first time a woman in the United States was ordered to pay alimony to her husband
  • 1982: The last of the distinctive looking Checker taxicabs rolled off the assembly line in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company had produced those cabs since 1922
  • 1984: Democratic presidential candidate Walter F. Mondale announced he'd chosen US Representative Geraldine A. Ferraro of New York to be his running-mate; Ferraro was the first woman to run for vice president on a major-party ticket
  • 1985: Doctors discovered what turned out to be a cancerous growth in President Reagan's large intestine, prompting surgery the following day
  • 1986: Protestants paraded through Northern Ireland to observe the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, and to protest the Anglo-Irish accord giving Ireland a role in running the British-ruled province
  • 1987: For the first time in 20 years, a delegation of Soviet diplomats arrived in Israel for what was described as a "technical mission" to document Soviet citizens and make an inventory of Soviet property
  • 1988: Democratic presidential candidate Michael S. Dukakis tapped Sen. Lloyd Bentsen as his running mate
  • 1989: President Bush continued his visit to Hungary, where he held talks with officials and made a speech at Karl Marx University in Budapest
  • 1989: A farmer in eastern France went on a shooting rampage, killing 14 people before being captured
  • 1990: Russian republic president Boris N. Yeltsin shocked the 28th congress of the Soviet Communist Party by announcing he was resigning his party membership. Saying he wanted to concentrate on his duties as president of the Russian republic
  • 1991: Actor Erik Per Sullivan ("Malcolm in the Middle") born
  • 1991: A Japanese professor who had translated Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" was found stabbed to death, nine days after the novel's Italian translator was attacked in Milan
  • 1992: In an emotional farewell speech, Benjamin Hooks, outgoing executive director of the NAACP, urged the group's convention in Nashville, Tennessee, to show the world that it remained vital
  • 1993: 196 people were killed when an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck northern Japan
  • 1993: In Somalia, a mob avenging a deadly United Nations attack on the compound of Mohamed Farrah Aidid killed an Associated Press photographer and three Reuters employees
  • 1994: Germany's highest court ruled the country's combat troops could be sent on U.N. missions abroad with parliamentary approval
  • 1994: President Clinton, visiting Germany, went to the eastern sector of Berlin, the first American president to do so since Harry Truman
  • 1994: Confirmation hearings began for Supreme Court nominee Stephen G. Breyer
  • 1994: The National League won the All-Star Game, defeating the American League 8-to-7
  • 1995: President Clinton spelled out school-prayer guidelines, asserting the First Amendment already guaranteed adequate freedom of religion
  • 1996: The House voted overwhelmingly to define marriage in federal law as a legal union of one man and one woman -- no matter what states might say
  • 1996: Hurricane "Bertha" slapped North Carolina's Cape Fear, then moved on to batter a string of coastal towns
  • 1997: In Copenhagen, the last stop of an eight-day European tour, President Clinton said political divisions in Europe were closing
  • 1997: In Spain, kidnapped Basque politician Miguel Angel Blanco was found mortally wounded shortly after a deadline set by his militant Basque captors
  • 1998: In Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, three young brothers who had been asleep in their beds burned to death in a sectarian attack
  • 1998: France beat Brazil, 3-to-0, for its first World Cup soccer championship
  • 1999: President Clinton and Republican congressional leaders held their first face-to-face budget meeting of the year; the talk was described afterward as positive
  • 2000: In Philadelphia, a WPVI TV news helicopter videotaped about a dozen police officers kicking and punching Thomas Jones, a black carjacking suspect. (Jones later pleaded guilty to carjacking and other crimes, and was sentenced to 18 to 36 years in prison)
  • 2000: New Hampshire Chief Justice David Brock was impeached by the Legislature, the first such action against an official in the state since 1790. (He was later acquitted in a state Senate trial.)
  • 2005: Padraig Harrington withdraws from British Open
  • 2005: Former Sudanese rebel leader John Garang sworn in as vice president of Sudan
  • 2005: Abreu smashes records, wins Home Run Derby
  • 2005: PRIDE Critical Countdown results
  • 2005: Tropical Storm Emily forms in mid Atlantic, threatens North and Central America
  • 2005: False security alarm in Bradford, England
  • 2005: Four explosions at Spanish power station
  • 2005: Intel's offices across the EU raided
  • 2005: London bombing: Police search houses in Leeds
  • 2005: Building in Barcelona damaged by explosion
  • 2005: Suicide attack hits mall in Netanya, Israel
  • 2005: Cuba declines American help for damage caused by Hurricane Dennis
  • 2005: Police make significant progress in London bombings investigation
  • 2005: UK Defence Minister alludes to possible Iraq troop reduction
  • 2005: Arrest over London bombing
  • 2005: White House refuses to comment on Karl Rove as source of leak
  • 2005: Ft. Wayne, Indiana burn center treats Afghan child
  • 2005: TD Financial to acquire Hudson United Bancorp
  • 2005: Fire in Hospital in Costa Rica kills 18 persons
  • 2005: Palestinian radio station broadcasts praise for London terror attacks
  • 2005: Rebel leader says he will run for president in Haiti
  • 2006: Man arrested for mutilating NZ body
  • 2006: Microsoft launches classified listings site
  • 2006: UK to get new nuclear power stations
  • 2006: Iraqi group claim deaths of U.S. soldiers avenge rape, murder of Iraqi girl
  • 2006: Blair ally Lord Levy arrested
  • 2006: Zidane apologises for headbutt
  • 2006: China and Russia counter resolution against North Korea
  • 2006: Psilocybin induces mystical and spiritual experiences: study
  • 2006: EU fines Microsoft ?280.5 million
  • 2006: Canadian media company Bell Globemedia to acquire rival CHUM
  • 2006: Hezbollah attack Israel; Israeli forces cross over into southern Lebanon
  • 2006: Dozens arrested in leadup to St Petersburg G8 Summit
  • 2006: Sex scandal rocks Scottish politics
  • 2007: NASA says water found on exoplanet
  • 2007: Well-preserved baby mammoth found in Siberia
  • 2007: IAEA: North Korea to begin shutting down nuclear reactor next week
  • 2007: Plane from Los Angeles to London diverted
  • 2007: Australian radio personality Stan Zemanek dies aged 60
  • 2007: US stocks surge, Dow Jones index reaches record
  • 2007: FIFA U20 World Cup: Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and US make it to quarters
  • 2007: Illinois man named person of interest in wife's disappearance
  • 2007: Two British girls arrested for smuggling in Ghana
  • 2007: Tour de France: Filippo Pozzato wins stage 5
  • 2007: Tour de France: Thor Hushovd wins stage 4
  • 2007: AFC Asian Cup: Lights fail as Korea draw with Saudi Arabia, Iran defeat Uzbekistan
  • 2007: European football: Benayoun, Babel move to Liverpool
  • 2008: United Kingdom will compensate Iraqi victims of abuse
  • 2008: Chaotic first day for iPhone 3G
  • 2008: IndyMac Bank placed into conservatorship by US Government
  • 2008: Tony Snow, former White House Press Secretary and "Fox News Sunday" anchor, dies at age 53
  • 2008: American surgeon Michael E. DeBakey dies at age 99
  • 2008: Six die as bus carrying Polish tourists crashes in Serbia
  • 2008: Van Halen singer impersonated in Canadian medical scare
  • 2009: Former president Rafsanjani to lead Friday Iran prayers
  • 2009: Firefighter killed while tackling pub blaze in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2009: Daisy Dick wins Barbury International Horse Trials
  • 2010: Spain defeat the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time to win FIFA World Cup
  • 2010: Bomb blasts in Uganda kill dozens
  • 2010: Rosetta spacecraft passes Lutetia asteroid
  • 2010: Reutimann 'earns' second career NASCAR Sprint Cup race win
  • 2010: Australian rules football: Gippsland Football League round 13 - Traralgon defeat Sale


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On This Day in History: Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1940, Patrick Stewart, actor.
--> 1942, Harrison Ford, actor.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1568, The Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral perfects a way to bottle beer.
--> 1865, Horace Greeley advises his readers to "Go West."
--> 1898, San Francisco Ferry Building at the foot of Market Street opens.

--> 1985, Live Aid raises money for Africa's starving people.

And don't forget...

--> The start of the Bon Festival in Japan.


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July 13th

1787 - Congress establishes Northwest Territory (excludes slavery)

1837 - Queen Victoria is 1st monarch to live in present Buckingham Palace

1863 - Anti-draft mobs lynch blacks in NYC; about 1,000 die

1942 - 5,000 Jews of Rovno Polish Ukraine, executed by nazis

1942 - SS shoots 1,500 Jews in Josefov Poland

1966 - Richard Speck, murders 8 nurses in Chicago

1967 - Race riots break out in Newark, 27 die

1976 - Court martial begins in USSR for Valeri Sablin (Hunt for Red Oct)

1978 - BBC bans Sex Pistols "No One is Innocent"


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July 14th

1832 - Opium exempted from federal tariff duty

1865 - 1st ascent of Matterhorn

1933 - Germany began mandatory sterilization of those with hereditary illness

1953 - 1st Natl monument dedicated to a Negro-George Washington Carver

1955 - 2 killed, many dazed when lightning strikes Ascott racetrack, England

1967 - The Who, opening for Herman's Hermits begin a US tour

1973 - Phil Everly storms off stage declaring an end to Everly Brothers

1987 - Taiwan ends 37 years of martial law

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On This Day in History: Friday, Jul 15, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1606, Rembrandt, Dutch painter.
--> 1946, Linda Ronstadt, singer.
--> 1960, Kim Alexis, super model.
--> 1961, Lolita Davidovich, actress.
--> 1961, Forrest Whitaker, actor.
--> 1973, Brian-Austin Green, actor.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1867, San Francisco's Merchant's Exchange opens.
--> 1869, Margarine is patented in Paris, for use in the French Navy.
--> 1965, Law is passed, requiring health warnings on cigarette packages.

And don't forget...

--> National Ice Cream Day.
--> Saint Swithin's Day.


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On This Day in History: Monday, Jul 18, 2011

Famous people born on this day:
--> 1811, William Makepeach Thackeray, Victorian novelist, wrote "Vanity Fair"
--> 1848, William Gilbert Grace, Victorian England's greatest cricketer.
--> 1906, Clifford Odets
--> 1906, S. I. Hayakawa, sleeper.
--> 1913, Red Skelton, clown to the world.
--> 1916, Harriet Nelson, Ozzie's better half.
--> 1921, John Glenn, Jr., first American in orbit.

Events on this day in history:
--> 64, The Great Fire of Rome begins (Nero didn't fiddle.)
--> 1872, Britain introduces voting by secret ballot.
--> 1938, Wrong Way Corrigan lands in Ireland (not California??.)
--> 1968, Intel Corporation is incorporated.
--> 1990, A world record is set for catching a grape in mouth, 319' 8".

And don't forget...
--> National Day, celebrated in Spain.


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On This Day in History: Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1938, Diana Rigg
--> 1938, Natalie Wood, actress.
--> 1947, Carlos Santana, singer, song writer.
Events on this day in history:

--> 1810, Columbia gains its independence.
--> 1859, Admission fee first charged to see a baseball game (50 cents.)
--> 1872, Mahlon Loomis receives patent for wireless ... the radio is born.
--> 1878, First telephone introduced in Hawaii.
--> 1969, Man landed on the Moon, 4:18PM EDT. (Armstrong, Aldrin walk while Collins orbits in Apollo 11 above.)
--> 1970, First baby born on Alcatraz Island.
--> 1976, First pictures from Mars surface received (courtesy Viking 2.)
--> 1992, Madonna poses nude in Playboy. (Big deal).
And don't forget...

--> Independence Day, celebrated in Columbia.
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On This Day in History: Friday, Jul 22, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1844, Rev. William Archibald Spooner, invented "spoonerisms."
--> 1849, Emma Lazarus, whose poem was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.
--> 1890, Rose Kennedy, mother of Jack, Robert, and Ted.
--> 1898, Alexander Calder
--> 1898, Steven Vincent Bennet
--> 1932, Oscar De La Renta
--> 1947, Danny Glover, actor.
--> 1955, Willem Dafoe, actor.
--> 1965, David Spade, actor.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1933, Wiley Post completes first round-the-world solo flight.
--> 1979, First Sony Walkman goes on sale.


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July 24th

1823 - Slavery is abolished in Chile.

1847 - Brigham Young & his Mormon followers arrive at Salt Lake City, UT

1915 - Excursion ship Eastland capsizes in Lake Michigan, 852 die

1925 - Scopes guilty of teaching evolution in a Tn HS, fined $100 & costs (it would become known as the Scopes Monkey Trial)

1938 - Instant coffee invented (yuk)

1941 - Nazi execute entire Jewish population of Grodz Lithuania

1961 - Beginning of a trend, a US commercial plane is hijacked to Cuba

1965 - Bob Dylan release "Like a Rolling Stone"

1974 - Supreme Court unanimously rules Nixon must turn over Watergate tapes (a few alterations first)

1985 - Gandhi signs peace contract with Sikh leader Harchand Singh Longowai


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July 25th

1689 - France declares war on England

1814 - George Stephenson introduced the 1st steam locomotive

1897 - Writer Jack London sails to join the Klondike Gold Rush where he will write his first successful stories.

1917 - Sir Thomas Whyte introduces the first income tax in Canada as a "temporary" measure (lowest bracket is 4% and highest is 25%). (thanks as*hole)

1918 - Annette Adams sworn in as 1st woman district attorney of US, Calif

1934 - Failed nazi coup in Austria

1943 - Benito Mussolini captured, dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II

1946 - 1st bikini is shown at a Paris fashion showLink Removed due to 404 Error (and the villager's rejoiced)

1962 - House passes bill requiring equal pay for equal work regardless of sex

1964 - Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," album goes #1 & stays #1 for 14 weeks

1966 - Supremes release "You Can't Hurry Love"

1978 - Louise Brown, the world's first "test tube baby" is born.

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On This Day in History: Monday, Jul 25, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1907, Jack Gilford
--> 1955, IMAN, model.
--> 1967, Matt LeBlanc, actor "FRIENDS".
--> 1978, Louise Brown, first test-tube baby (born under the sign of Pyrex.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1903, Castle on top of Telegraph Hill closes.
--> 1909, First airplane flight across the English Channel.
--> 1946, First bikini is shown at a Paris fashion show.
--> 1983, The lowest temperature ever recorded is noted, -129 degrees in Antarctica.


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July 26th

1848 - 1st Woman's Rights Convention (Senecca Falls NY)

1945 - US cruiser Indianapolis reaches Tinian with atom bomb

1945 - Winston Churchill resigns as Britain's PM

1946 - President Truman orders desegregation of all US forces

1964 - Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa convicted of fraud & conspiracy

1991 - Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) is arrested in Florida, for exposing himself at an adult movie theater

1993 - Mars Observer takes 1st photo of Mars, from 5 billion km

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On This Day in History: Wednesday, Jul 27, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1922, Norman Lear, sitcom creator.
--> 1931, Jerry Van Dyke, actor.
--> 1967, Sasha Mitchell, actor.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1586, Sir Walter Raleigh brings first tobacco to England fromVirginia.
--> 1866, Atlantic telegraph cable successfully laid (1,686 miles long.)
--> 1940, Billboard magazine starts publishing best-seller's charts.
--> 1983, Last episode of "TAXI" airs.


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On This Day in History: Friday, Jul 29, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1869, Booth Tarkington, novelist.
--> 1871, Rasputin, the mad Russian monk.
--> 1905, Clara Bow
--> 1905, Thelma Todd
--> 1907, Melvin Belli, San Francisco's "King of Torts."

Events on this day in history:

--> 1835, First sugar plantation in Hawaii begun.
--> 1858, First commercial treaty between US and Japan is signed.
--> 1914, First transcontinental phone link made. It's between NYC and San Francisco.
--> 1921, First transcontinental airmail flight from New York to San Francisco (taking 33 hours and 21 minutes to complete).
--> 1926, Don Juan opens with the most kisses, 127 in a single movie.
--> 1958, Southern Pacific Bay Ferries stop running.
--> 1981, The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
--> 1996, Carl Lewis wins his 9th Gold Medal in the 1996 Olympics.
And don't forget...

The start of the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.