One of THE BEST features of the Internet is the Rss news feeds


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Sep 27, 2009
One of THE BEST features of the Internet is the Rss news feeds.

Rss news feeds are basically a list of news headlines (with a short synopsis) that are provided by (and sometimes extracted from) websites. The websites are usually news providers but you can also add message forums such as Hot Deals and blogs such as this one.

This is an incredible time saver because it takes you straight to the content with No waiting until advertisements to run their 15 second video interruptions and huge ads and popups that block the news, forcing you to wait till the page loads to scroll down and actually see the content you were looking for. If you want to read the entire article from the Rss reader you simply click on the title and open the webpage to it. New headlines will appear as soon as the web sites add them.

Google has a GREAT free user friendly Rss reader you can use online from any computer. You need a Gmail account then go to this page and login.

Right click "Add a subscription" at the top under Google Reader and paste in this url to get all my blogs - and future ones will be added to the reader:

Most news sites have an Rss feed. In your browser (on the bar with "Page" "Safety" and "Tools" you'll see a square icon with lines. If it is red, you can click on it and have the option to add the Rss feed (your browser detected on the webpage) to your Google Rss reader.

AND if you want the BEST OF THE BEST in technology news, I have about 35 feeds. I have exported the setting to an external file.

When you load that link you'll just see the raw code, so click on "File" on your browser and save it to you computer...then when you go to the Google Rss reader and click "Settings" "Import" you can browse your system and add it.

You can easily unsubscribe to any you don't want to keep.

Advanced tip: There are some small banner type ads that come through with the headlines, BUT if you read my earlier blogs you may recall a trick to remove text advertising to websites by clicking "Tools" on your browser and go to security/sites and add the url to the add and they would disappear. That trick also wipes the banner ads from the Rss feeds.

Here is my current list of text/banner based advertisers to RESTRICT sites:
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