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A video downloader that I use has the option to use different browser kernels to download with. In the past, I've always used IE, but recently it keeps popping a splash screen recommending the use of Chrome instead. Apparently, the downloader doesn't have that kernel within itself, because when that option is chosen, it always fails.

As far as I know, there are only two options to have the Chrome kernel available, either install Chrome or the new version of Opera. I'm somewhat adverse to Chrome, because it requires me to use a special downloader to get and install it, which has some tag alongs that I don't want to deal with, if I can avoid it.

Opera shouldn't have that problem, but I'm concerned that installing it will interfere with the proper functioning of the old version of Opera, which I intend to keep. The question is, will it? I'd rather have two versions of Opera if both will fully function independently, but I want to know if that is a fact, before attempting the installation?


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YouTube is owned by Google and that's why they want you to use Chrome. In the long run that is probably the best solution because Google is ruthless and cuts everybody else off as they please. They just cut my Windows phone off from using Google Voice.

Opera is a nice browser, very elegant but slow. It is best to use it for things where you are not in a hurry. I use it to play my webradio all day.

In my opinion, I prefer Chrome

I prefer more Chrome, it's fast and i have been used the Chrome for years after I switching from IE.


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For the record. You can have many Opera versions installed. It will work. Also, You could try Chrome portable. That installs easily and might be able to do what you need.

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