Opera 49.0.2725.34

The Opera browser has been updated to Version 53.0.2907.37.
Krystian Kolondra
May 10, 2018 (77)

Today, we’re transitioning Opera 53 from the beta line to stable. This build revamps the appearance of tabs and the address bar. Take a glance below to find out more:

Optimization of a tab’s display
Mac users find it difficult to locate and manage a particular tab when many of them are open. We figured out a way to optimize this and made your plentiful tabs’ favicons more visible. Let’s see how it changed:

To make it even more visible and easier to manage, clicking on a tab will expand it.

Address bar colors
There is also some fresh, sharpened coloring done to the address bar.

Chromium was updated to version 66.0.3359.139.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 53.0.2907.88.
Kornelia Mielczarczyk
Jun 5, 2018 (24)
Today’s update for Opera 53 stable fixes an issue with Speed Dial folders doubling unexpectedly on the start page. Folders in your Speed Dial could have been duplicated if there was a server change or if the user added and rearranged folders then restarted the browser.
The fix for this bug will first be implemented for our Ukrainian users, where the problem frequently occurred. Upon its success in Ukraine, the fix will later be rolled out globally.
You can find all changes here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 53.0.2907.106
Kornelia Mielczarczyk
Jun 21, 2018 (8)
Hi all,
Today we’ve prepared an Opera 53 Stable update. It contains bug fixes for your Speed Dials. They should no longer be able to double in your start page and their images should refresh promptly.
In this build we placed also fix for Snapshot tool. Now the whole area will be captured when scrolling.
With this version, we’re turning on the bookmarks bar by default. You can disable the bookmarks bar or edit or remove bookmarks in Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Appearance > Show bookmarks bar.
You can find all changes here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 54.0.2952.41.
Krystian Kolondra
Jun 28, 2018 (156)

Opera 54 arrives to the stable build today with News on Speed Dial, a feature which delivers the latest headlines from the countries and languages of your choice, directly to your browser’s start page.
Plus, a new menu page, called Update and Recovery, has been added to help simplify the browser update and recovery processes.
Please continue reading to learn more:

News on Speed Dial
Catching up on the latest global and local news has just become easier. Thanks to News on Speed Dial, fifty news articles will be shown below your regular Speed Dial folders. Clicking on an article will open the story in a new tab. You can read the news in languages of your choosing.
Multiple categories can be selected to filter the content you wish to see on your Speed Dial. Categories include arts, business, entertainment, food, health, lifestyle, living, motoring, news, science, sports, technology and travel. More than 40 country and language sources are available, and you can also select more than one to receive a variety of news content.
Selecting categories, countries and languages can be done from the top menu bar above the news articles in Speed Dial.
For a more personalized news feed, go to the Personal News page that is accessible from the sidebar in Opera’s start page. This news feature, introduced with Opera 39, allows you to customize individual web sources and pages in addition to languages and countries.
For more news content options in Opera, go to Settings (Preferences on Mac).
Update and Recovery section in the menu
Updating and recovering your browser and its settings have been made more visible and easier to access with the new Update and Recovery menu page. To go to this page, click on the O Menu button (for Windows or Linux users) or click Opera in the menu bar (for Mac users).

You can see the current version number of your browser under Update. Click the Check for update button in this menu to have Opera scan for a new version of the browser. If a new version is available, an Update button will appear.
From time to time, Opera may slow down because it is cluttered with too much browsing data. Also, you may have unknowingly changed some settings, which can affect your browsing experience. Resetting your browser may help you fix these issues.
In the past, users had to perform a number of tasks to retain and restore preferences before a browser reset. With a single click of a button, you can start Opera anew while keeping the important stuff.
Click the Recovery… button to choose a reset option:
  • Keep my data and only reset Opera settings – This will change your search engines to their default (most likely Google), remove pinned tabs, disable extensions and clear temporary data such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not be cleared.
  • Reset all your data and Opera settings – Both the settings in Opera and your browsing data will be reset and cleared, giving you a completely clean Opera.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 54.0.2952.46.
Ewa Mieżejewska
Jul 5, 2018 (32)
We appreciate your feedback about the bookmarks bar. We decided to make some modifications to prevent unexpected changes to your bookmarks bar. Now, if you have manually turned off the bookmarks bar before or have removed the suggested bookmark links, the preloaded bookmarks won’t appear again.
If your bookmarks bar is still experiencing unexpected changes, please file a bug report so we can fix the problem for all users.
Changes are listed here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 55.0.2994.37.
Krystian Kolondra
Aug 16, 2018 (124)

It has been a big summer for us at Opera, and today we are excited to unveil Opera 55.
The new stable build of our browser includes a smarter layout for the settings page, an expanded security badge and page information pop-up for better page control, easier Chrome Web Store extension installation and more accessible bookmarks.
Our busy and exciting summer continued on July 27 when we became a listed company on the Nasdaq market and enjoyed a successful initial public offering. This was a major milestone for our company, and one we could not have accomplished without the support and trust from you, our users! A week later, Opera launched as a snap in the Snap Store for Linux systems.
In the meantime, our desktop team has been hard at work to produce Opera 55 for you. Please read on to learn to more. Enjoy!

New layout of settings page with dark theme support
Opera 55’s settings page has been restructured into four sections to help you locate and adjust the browser’s features, security options, wallpapers and more. In addition, Opera’s dark theme will be applied to the settings page if you have it enabled for the browser.
The four sections of the settings page include Basic, Privacy and security, Features and Browser.
Basic appears when opening settings and includes the most popular features and options in Opera. This section includes options for blocking ads, wallpapers, appearances, the sidebar, synchronization, search engines, changing your default browser and browser startup options.
The remaining three sections are nested in Advanced. You can click Advanced in the left sidebar of the settings page to reveal them.
Privacy and security includes preferences for privacy and security and webRTC.
Features includes options for Opera’s VPN, battery saver, Instant Search, My Flow, search pop-up, video pop out, personal news and Opera Turbo.
Finally, Browser includes options for the start page, the user interface, languages, downloads, system, shortcuts and for reset settings.
Use the search bar in the top-right corner of the settings page if you are having trouble locating something.
The settings page can be opened by clicking the cogwheel icon in the left sidebar of Opera’s start page. You can adjust common settings in Opera by opening Easy Setup in the top-right corner of the start page.

Better control of the pages you visit with an expanded badge pop-up menu
Security badges in Opera provide important security and page information about the current website or web page you are viewing. They tell you if a page has a secured connection, what kind of certificate it has and which content settings are used.
Opera 55 improves the page information pop-up by providing all security and content information about the page in one place, as well as offering shortcuts to Opera’s settings page for adjusting the page’s content settings. Now, for example, if you wish for a website to stop tracking your location, you can choose to have Opera always block location tracking from the pop-up instead of going to the settings page.
To open the page information pop-up for the web page you are viewing, click the badge just to the left of the web address in the address and search bar. The top of the pop-up will show if the web page is on a secure or an insecure connection. Certificates and cookies used for this page can be viewed in detail by clicking their respective links in the pop-up.
You can adjust content settings for an entire website from the security badge pop-up. Click on the Site settings button to open the content settings page and customize how Opera will handle content such as Flash, camera and microphone access or ad blocking for the website.

Easy installation of Chrome extensions
Extensions from the Chrome Web Store are now easier to install on Opera 55. The next time you visit the extensions web store, you will be offered to click the Install Extension button found at the top of the page. This will allow you to quickly add extensions from the Chrome Web Store onto Opera.
Adding Chrome extensions is simple. Browse Chrome’s catalogue for the extension you want and click the + Add to Opera button. To complete the installation, you will then go to Opera’s extensions manager and confirm the installation by clicking the install button.
Please note that some extensions require APIs (applications programming interfaces) that are not fully supported in Opera. Follow through with the extension’s installation onto Opera to confirm its compatibility.
The Chrome Web Store icon will appear in the address and search bar after you install the web store extension.

Easier access to your bookmarks
The bookmarks bar is turned on by default for Opera 55 so you can access your bookmarks at anytime while browsing.
To add a web page to the bookmarks bar, click the heart icon on the right side of the address and search bar and select Bookmarks Bar from the dropdown menu. You can later edit, open or delete the bookmark by right-clicking or Ctrl+clicking it and opening its context menu.
There are also other ways to add page to bookmarks bar – in Settings or Easy Setup.
If you have not enabled the bookmarks bar before updating to Opera 55, there will be five suggested bookmarks for popular websites in your country. These bookmarks will not appear and your original bookmarks will remain if you already have the bookmarks bar enabled.
You can disable the bookmarks bar in Opera’s settings page, in the bookmark bar’s context menu with Hide Bookmarks Bar or in Easy Setup. You can edit or remove bookmarks in the bookmarks page, accessible from the heart icon in the sidebar of Opera’s start page.
Opera 55 includes Chromium version 68.0.3440.106 .
Review the developmental life cycle of Opera 55 in the changelog here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 55.0.2994.56.
Kornelia Mielczarczyk
Sep 6, 2018 (82)
This is an Opera 55 stable update which contains some bug fixes and improvements. For example:
  • Fix for Linux crash on fullscreen startup
  • Improvements for sliding toolbar “Install Chrome Extensions” on the Chrome Web Store
  • Styling on Settings page improvements
This update also modifies the behavior of strings for settings in the Settings pages which have an off switch. Previously, turning off a particular setting – for example, location access – would change the string from “Ask before accessing (recommended) to “Blocked.”
Now, the settings string will not change after you turn off a particular setting. The “Ask before accessing (recommended)” string will remain if you were to turn off location setting. We hope this makes it more clear that the setting is off, and not that something is “blocked.”
The changelog is here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 56.0.3051.31.
Robert Tomaszewski
Sep 25, 2018 (82)

We are happy to introduce you to our brand new Opera 56. We have prepared some features that will let you multitask more easily and customize your browsing experience to make it even better. Opera 56 is the best browser for multitaskers and might just be the ideal one to suit your needs.
Volume control for the improved video pop out player makes Opera 56 perfect for balancing work with entertainment. In addition, we have added a page zoom indicator in the address and search bar and have tidied up the settings and About Opera pages. New options in settings for the scroll to the top of the page feature and sponsored content are available, too. Finally, Windows and Linux users have a quicker way to report any bugs or issues in Opera.

Stream videos on top of your work and adjust the volume directly in the window
Back to work or university after the summer holidays means you might be opening more and more work-related tabs. But work isn’t everything; many of you like to stay entertained while working on a presentation or answering emails. That’s where our video pop out function comes in.
Many of you are already be familiar with it. Video pop out, a feature we introduced back in 2016, lets you watch a video, for example on YouTube or Vimeo, in a separate window, “popped out” from the website you are streaming it from. This means you can keep browsing or working on a report while not missing on a single frame of the action from your favorite video. Unlike for other browsers, in Opera this feature works with a single click and on most websites containing videos.
With this version of Opera, we have added an important feature for video pop out: volume control. We’ve made it easier for you to mute or adjust the volume of your videos. A benefit of this is you no longer have to find the tab playing the video to do it. You can now adjust the volume from the mini video window you’re watching.

Volume control is found at the bottom of the video pop out player. Click the speaker icon to mute or unmute your video, and click along the volume slider to adjust the volume as needed.
Remember that you can quickly return to the tab hosting the video without having to find and click on the tab itself. Hover your mouse over the title of the video in the pop out window and click Back to Tab.
To initiate video pop out, start a video from YouTube or Vimeo (or just about from any site) and click the pop out icon at the top-center of the video. A small window will appear. This window can be moved and adjusted as you please.
Scroll to the top of a page by clicking the active tab
Some time ago, we introduced the scroll to the top of the page feature which allows you to instantly scroll to the top of a web page by clicking the active tab. Clicking the tab again will bring you back to where you were on the page.

Many of you requested that we let you switch this feature on or off. Today, we’ve added this option to the browser settings page. To access it, simply go to Settings > Advanced > Browser > User interface and click on “Scroll to the top of page by clicking the active tab.”
New zoom level indicator
You will find the page zoom level indicator in the combined address and search bar. If you change the zoom level for a particular website, you will see a magnifying glass pop-up informing you about it. You can then change the zoom level by clicking the +/- buttons in the pop-up. If you have set page zoom level to default for all pages, the zoom indicator will not appear in the address bar until you change the zoom level on one of the pages.

You can adjust the page zoom level for all web pages at once by going to Settings > Basic > Appearance > Page zoom.
If you have adjusted the zoom level for an individual website, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Zoom levels to edit your page zoom preferences.
Easier bug reporting
We are always happy to get your input, especially on the elements we can improve on. That’s why we have just made it easier for Windows and Linux users to report any issues that might arise. To do so, should there be a need, simply click the O Menu button and go to Help to find the Report an issue… section. Click on it to get redirected to Opera’s bug report wizard. We’ll take it from there.

Mac users can find Report an issue… by clicking Help in the toolbar.
Nicer About page
Our About page provides useful information about your current version of Opera as well as system information and installation, profile and cache paths. We have now redesigned it for your convenience.

Legal information, including our End User License Agreement and an updated Privacy Statement and Terms of Service, is provided at the bottom of the page.
If you wish to check for an available update to your Opera browser, go to Update and Recovery… in the O Menu for Windows and Linux and Opera in the toolbar for Mac.
Configure sponsored content in the bookmarks bar
In order to provide you with a great, free product, we occasionally suggest sponsored content as Speed Dials or bookmarks. You can now toggle this feature off in the Advanced section of the settings page. Before you do so, please consider that, as a product delivered to you free of charge, you support Opera by keeping sponsored content switched on.
Categories in Settings page
Today, Opera 56 has tidied up the settings page into four sections: Basic, Privacy and security, Features and Browser. We hope this new organization will help you more easily navigate around Opera’s settings page.

Basic includes options for blocking ads, wallpapers, appearances, the sidebar, synchronization, search engines, default browser choices and on startup options.
Privacy and security, Features and Browser are nested in the Advanced section. You can click Advanced in the left sidebar of the settings page to reveal these three remaining sections.
Privacy and security includes preferences for privacy and security and webRTC.
Features includes options for Opera’s VPN, battery saver, Instant Search, My Flow, search pop-up, video pop out, personal news and Opera Turbo.
Finally, Browser includes options for the start page, the user interface, languages, downloads, system, shortcuts and for reset settings.

We hope you enjoy Opera 56. Happy browsing!

The changelog is here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 56.0.3051.43.
Ewa Mieżejewska
Oct 10, 2018 (7)
Today we prepared a stable updated with fixes for:
  • DNA-72189 No hover on bookmarks bar folders
  • DNA-72226 [Mac] Blurry zoom indicator with disable-gpu switch.
If you’re a macOS user and you’re not using Opera on an admin account, you might get an “Opera quit unexpectedly” message after the update. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve already fixed this issue, so this update provides the solution.
The changelog is here.
The Opera browser has been updated to Version 57.0.3098.91.
Ewa Mieżejewska
Dec 6, 2018 (11)
Here is a second update that we’ve prepared for you today. This update contains some fixes for Opera 57 stable:
  • DNA-73639 [Mac] Pinned tab can be closed by Cmd+W
  • DNA-73054 Crash on exit when add to bookmarks popup opened and window closed
  • DNA-74068 Switching news off and back on does not render content
The full changelog is here.