Windows 7 Optical drive problem


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Hey, I have installed 32bit Windows7 RC built 7100, and i have problems with my Samsung DVD R/RW Drive model TS-H552u. So the drive works but extremely slow, when i load let say COD4 DVD it takes 10-15 min before i can see it in My Computer. And after that installation of COD4 took about 2.5 h. Same thing with COD5, BF2. And after I insert DVD into the drive I can't do a thing because system hangs, I have to wait for DVD to load.

So far I tried to unistall DVD drive in Device Manager and restart Win7; and flash firmware - both didn't help.

I use dual boot and with XP DVD Drive works fine.

My hardware
Mobo EVGA 750i FTW
CPU Core2Duo E7200
Corsair Dominator 4GB PC2-8500
Samsung DVD R\RW
Western Digital 250 GB