Outlook 2013 - Archives only large email attachments.


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Outlook 2013 - Archives only large email attachments.

My Outlook 2013 running with auto archiving, all mail older than 6 months are moved to a separate arkiv.pst file.

But when my mailbox right now is very large, and with many large attachments, I would like to be able to make a one-time action, which gets all mails larger than 1MB moved to the archive file, although they are not yet 6 months old.
It is important for me to save these large mail due. Content.
Interesting for sure. I wonder if they've fixed that in Outlook 2016? In the old days, if you were running your Outlook Client (e.g. Outlook 2000) on an actual Exchange E-mail server, that particular task was not a problem. There WCS files and templates that could be easily written to accomplish it. I wrote several. This is a real problem with Outlook running on non-Exchange or non-Active-Sync Exchange, since this type of customization requires IMAP/IMAP4 webmail. Most of the ISP webmail guys (Cox, Charter, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) don't yet support IMAP/IMAP4 webmail protocols (ONLY POP3) on Microsoft E-mail client programs such as Outlook, WLM, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc. Guess you could build your own Exchange E-mail server if you have access to Windows Server 2003-2010 and make it work for you that way; certainly a long way around the mountain. :)

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