Overclocking (my recomendation)

If any of you don't have problems with overclockin you can skip reading this post.
I was testing some overclocking on my old computer and after a day or two my graphick, 1 gb of ram and my hard disk failed.
That's the reason i posted this post.
I strongli recomennd for you that you don't overclock any component of your PC.
That's only what i think, with you, your computer mabe won't have any problem's at all !
I posted this becouse i didin't overclock my machine that much for it to fail.
If someone has a idea why it failed, please leave a replay


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It could be down to a number of reasons..

A: The pc was old.

B: you don't mention what you were actually overclocking, CPU, RAM and/or bus speed. (not to mention graphics card)

Some hardware is designed to be overclocked more than others especially with recent advances in this field ( a good example is 'unlocked multipliers' on cpu's). I have my machine slightly overclocked but stay within certain parameters.
One tip is before taking on any overclock, one should read, read and read some more especially on the components to be used. There are plenty of clocking forums around and a mass of information for the eager tweaker.

Mabe it was becouse the computer was old, but that doesent matter no more. I don't use that computer, that is why i ovreclocked it.
You said that i didn't mention what did i overclock...
I ovreclocked my ram and my graphick card


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Perhaps.. It's a shame it died so quickly as playing around with that machine would have been good practice. No matter, if you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to ask.

My Machine has been overclocked for 2 years My CPU is a Intel I7 920 D0 2.66MHz I have a mild over clock of 3.0 on it. I have in the past run it at 3.9 for well over 8 months with no problems this CPU chip is built for overclocking
I have Mushkin redlines DDR 3 1600 MHZ triple channel Memory which is current over clocked to 1703 MHZ and never had a problem this memory is great for over clocking.
My GTX 260 Video card stock 576MHz is running at 656 MHZ currently I ran it for a year at 640 MHz with no problems.
I would say you experience was your old equipment or was just a unique situation. Many users overclock and run their overclocks 24/7 whith out having any problems.

I know it is a shame, never mind thanks :D

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