Windows 7 page breaks


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I have a HP windows 10. I use Word 2007. I can't remove the page break line. Have looked on internet and tried all suggestions, but nothing works. This problem just started in the last month
On win10 2007 works fine have it on 2 desktops and 1 laptop.
Backup your word file reinstall and point to whatever you want you want your save file to be copy over done and done
Where is the word file. When I go to Office all I get is Office 10 or 12. No actual file that says Word. Otherwise it starts a new office document.
Go to settings > APPS > scroll down to Microsoft office 2007 Click on it select modify add or remove features uninstall word. Repeat process but reinstall this time.
Found it. If I uninstall word and then reinstall word is there a chance I would loose all my word files?
Find where the files are stored and back them up to a new directory, if you do lose them, you can just copy them to wherever the ne word install puts them
Open word go to top left click says office button on that. When menu opens bottom says word options click there. Click on save look at default file location that should tell you wear files are saved.
If you have never gone to this area there may be a setting that could solve your problem this are where the defaults are.
Also look in Developer on the tool bar and make sure that the default templet is not causing the problem.
Also did you look in Page layout there is a section called page breaks.

Looked in section call breaks. Played around trying different things with no changes. My default word file is in My Documents file on my desktop. There are lots of word documents there. Should I save them to a separate external disk / flash drive? Do I just paste the saved documents back in the reinstalled Word? If there is the problem with those files wouldn't I just be putting the problem back in? I can't find the Developer on the tool bar.
Put developer on the toolbar - wasn't checked now is. The default tempatet is named Normal with a paragraph mark before the Normal name. When I check that template the line is still there.
My word documents are not always in My Documents folder. For example I have a list of my tablet books on my desktop in a folder called books. If I unstall Word will I loose this list?
Not needed that is the default for word. You can change it to of own choosing. As an example, I have all my office files in a directory called DATA, then directories for each of these under DATA WORD, EXCEL, MAIL, & POWERPOINT. But documents is fine just a little harder to find what you want.
OK So it is safe to unstall Word and reinstall it without losing any files I have that used Word with. Guess I worry since there is a lot of word documents on my computer in various files that are important. Or should I do something exactly before I unstall Word?
Thinks I understand what you are saying. Just want to make sure about all this. Right now this is the program file line is My Computer-Windows(C:)-Program Files (x86)-Microsoft office. If I change the Microsoft office file to say just Office. Then I can unstall the Microsoft program that is on my computer and reinstll Office from the original CD I purchased. Then I will have a program file just saying office and a new one saying Microsoft office. Once I do this all my current word files will be using the new Word program. I am assuming also that any other office files I have now will also use the new program. Let me know if I will be doing something wrong before I do this.