Windows 8 Paid Study on Touch Screen Technology. Compensation=$300


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Hi everyone!

I work for a market research company called watchLAB. You can check out our company at watchlab dot com. We pay consumers for their opinions on consumer products. We've been looking on forums for folks who have recently purchased touch screen desktops/computers/tablets for our current study on them. The study would entail 3 phone interviews, each lasting an hour. The first interview would be scheduled between January 7th-January 13th. The second and third interviews would be scheduled toward the end of January and end of February, respectively. Those who qualify and complete the study would be paid $300 for their time and opinions on touch screen technology. If anyone would like more information about the study or would be interested in participating, feel free to contact me directly via email at paul dot desany at watchlab dot com or call 310-437-0678.

Thank you!