Windows 7 Parallel Programming in Native Code: Tasks and Continuations, Part 1 of 2

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    The Parallel Computing’s Concurrency Runtime team write tools for the C++ community that make it easier to write reliable, performant and scalable concurrent and parallel code. In this conversation, Mike Chu , Dana Groff, Artur Laksberg, and Vinod Koduvayoor Subramanian talk about their latest addition to the Parallel Patterns Library which provides wait-free concurrency programming by specifying tasks, the ability to schedule tasks on events and continuations that specify a task or tasks which are run after one or more tasks finish. What’s better is that much of this is available today through the ConcRT Extra’s “Sample Pack”.

    Please download the sample pack, play with the new library, push it and provide feedback to the team. They really want and need your input to insure they deliver the right things for real world usage by C++ developers. Go native!



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