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Whilst probably not for the more experienced system builders this application/game allows you to build a pc from the bottom up. I've only played the tutorial so far and whether you get to use the latest parts to build your pc is uncertain.
The controls are a bit elusive but so far F1 seems to contain all the good stuff.
pc builder.jpg

You order the parts from the monitor and off you go (in the tutorial parts are pretty old but you get the idea)

PC Building Simulator Demo


- Accurately sized 3D models of components.

- Accurate interactions between them. Everything has a slot where it installs just like it would in real life.

- Simple to follow tutorial that will get you started building your first computer, having components and procedures explained step by step.

- Preview builds before starting to work on them in real life.

All that and much more, coming to PC Building Simulator.
PC Building Simulator Demo by McINTYRE

Oh and one last thing, this is 'pre alpha' so could be a bit buggy although it worked fine for me.
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This is pretty cool and a nice find Kemical. Would be a great way to teach someone how to build a system.
I thought so too.. :)

Great to see you in the forum Krypto.. :)