PC Crashing under moderate gaming


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Lately, my PC has been freezing and crashing to black-- no BSOD, power LED on case stays on-- just black, no signal to monitor, while gaming. Sometimes it can make it an hour into gaming without happening, sometimes for less than 15 minutes. Twice now, this has also happened while just using chrome.

I've attached the dump report, and I'd really appreciate if anyone has any advice. Nothing odd is coming up in Event Viewer as far as I can tell.

I posted here in the past with some RAM issues, (see here), which we solved by bringing the XMP speed down to 3000mhz from 3200mhz. The only change I made before this current problem started was to buy a mic and a camera. That led me to think I was drawing too much power, and since I'd been planning to upgrade my PSU, I got a 750W PSU to see if that fixed things. I also tried inching back my CPU overclock, and then flat-out brought it down to factory settings, and it's still happening.


ASRock AB350m Pro4
Ryzen 5 1600
+ NH-U12S Cooler (was overclocking it, brought it back to stock, but problem persisted)
16g Ram running at XMP, but brought down to 3000mhz from 3200mhz
1070ti stock settings
750W 80+ Gold PSU (was at 550W, just upgraded as I was getting close to the limit and thought this could be a power supply issue)
256gb NVME SSD
1TB 7200 HDD
+external USB DAC/AMP
+USB Mic
+USB Camera

Other Steps taken:

-Did a clean GPU driver wipe/reinstall with DDU
-Brought windows up to date
-Updated to most current BIOS
-Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, Memtest86.

Any thoughts?


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When you say crash, do you see a blue screen or does it power off or restart? Do you have proper cooling for overclocking?


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A few times, it's frozen first for up to ten seconds before going black, but typically there's no BSOD or warning-- the PC still seems to be on, but the monitor says there isn't a signal, and I have to hard-reset it.

Airflow should be fine. it's a mATX case, but I've got two 140mm intake fans on the front, one 120mm exhaust on the back and one on the top.


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First thing I'd check is your temps.

Gaming can yield higher temps than stress testing so it's worth monitoring.

HWiNFO64 is pretty good for this job.