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    I've always liked peanuts, but I've just discovered a new sensation for me...peanut flour. I originally bought some for baking purposes, but soon discovered ways to use it that I really love not only for taste, but simplicity. Just sprinkle a spoonful over cereal, especially Shredded Wheat or Bran Flakes. The flour mixes into the milk, adding a new level of flavor I love.

    Knowing that chocolate and peanut butter go hand in hand, I tried something else...mixing 2 parts of the flour with 1 part of unsweetened Hershey's Cocoa powder, then blending them with a small amount of milk, before adding more to obtain the quantity that I want. Then adding a pinch of vanilla bean and sweetening with a couple of drops of Splendex (liquid sucralose). Try it,you'll like it.

    Does anyone have other ways to use peanut flour...especially in a simple fashion?

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