Windows 7 performance problem


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Hi there all,

Sorry about the title, I could not get any better.

So my problem is:

I have an ACER 8930G ASpire laptop, with quad core bla bla...

and whenever I start a game...(does not matter which) at first its running fine, goes fast smoothly...but after a while it ends up in a comic style.

I am using the default windows driver for the chipset, and the latest nvidia driver, and also the compatibility mode .

Any idea?
I've noticed that when I run games on Windows 7, there's better performance when I put the computer in the "Power Saver" power setting, since I guess putting it on the "High Performance" setting causes the CPU to overheat and make it clock down to try to reduce heat (the CPU went up to 92C o_o).
There could be a problem in compatibility mode i suppose.Try running it without compatibility mode.

Im using Acer Aspire 5520 with acers default drivers and anything works fine.
I really doubt it's due to compatibility, since he did claim that the program worked fine initially.

Since this is a laptop, and you have such a power-demanding processor in there, there's going to be a ton of heat. After a certain extent, the CPU automatically recognizes that the fan isn't doing enough, so it decreases the clock speed to try to allow the processor to cool a little. However, since you also have that graphics card in there, that doesn't happen so easily, so it stays at that low clock speed, and only decreases as time progresses.

Do what I did and simply use a lower power mode so the graphics card and processor don't overheat and make the processor start slowing itself down.

If you want, go get HWMonitor and start it up before you start up the game, and then run the game, wait until the game starts freezing, close the game, and check what HWMonitor says for your max and min temps. The min should be your temperature before your game started, and your max should be when the game was running (more processing = more heat). If the max is over 80C, then there's a high chance that the processor is reducing its clock.