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I dont know whether or not im typing in the right section, but here goes:

How do you change folder views permanently? It might be a stupid question but I feel that everytime I change a folder's view to LIST, Windows overrides it to a somewhat default view based on the content of the folder.
If I wanna choose list view, I mean it dammit! I hate having to change view every single time I enter a folder.

It must be possible, so please help :)
Yes, happens all the time in Vista and Windows 7,

Hope it's fixed in the final release.

I think there's some type of limit and the number of times you change it even if you set it the way you want it and choose Apply to all folders, it reverts to a different view,

I prefer list view myself , except for My pictures
Try this fix. I have not had the problem in Windows 7 but this certainly did the trick in Vista.

Excellent, it does work with Vista.:)

What a headache that was for me Base I use Windows Explorer alot

Going to try it on Windows 7 now.

Yes!!!, working fine on Windows 7 as well.
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I want to revive this issue, as there has been an update. The problem existed also in Windows Vista. I provided feedback twice on this, with no response. I do not have the problem, but some do. Once again I provided feedback to Microsoft and, Oh my Gosh!, they replied. Here is the answer, so we can stop moaning.

"Greetings from Microsoft Connect!
This notification was generated for feedback item: Folders in Windows explorer will not retain the chosen view. ( which you submitted at the Microsoft Connect ( site.

Hello, David,

Thank you for your bug report.

We are unable to reproduce this behavior in later internal builds. Please verify with the next available build release.

Thank you for testing Microsoft Products,

Tom M
Microsoft Windows Beta Team

You may receive a general "Feedback Item Updated" notification as well, if any other changes were made by Microsoft.

Thank you for using Microsoft Connect!


the Microsoft Connect Team

Please do not reply directly to this message, as it is generated from an unmonitored email account. If you have comments related to your Feedback, please enter it in the Comments section (post a comment to Microsoft) of your Feedback item by navigating to the Feedback item in the link above."

So.It looks like they have solved the problem!!!
Hello Dave,

It all seems to work OK, except when you go to special folders like the Pictures folder.

It that the default behavior?
Yes. That would be a default. It varies according to what you have as your default picture viewer.
The original complaint was for Vista. Whatever size you selected, the next time you opened a window, it popped up at a random size. The earlier posting was the first time I had read it in connection with Windows 7, but I sent it on feedback anyway. Someone there actually reads them!!!
I don't know what the fix was. This worked for me in Vista Link Removed - Invalid URL
Re: where's the fix?

Could someone reupload the fix? Because everywhere I look there seems to be no help.