Personalizing the display in Windows 7

I desire to personalize the disply (ie fonts, text, etc) in this new copy of Windows 7. How can I achieve this task then set these new settings, permanently? I have a vision problem and would like to enlarge, everything on or off-line.

Also, I use Mozilla as a browser and would like to enlarge the display in that domain, as well.

Currently, and once I set the display to a desirable size, they all return to a former setting that is either too large, of too small.

Can anyone help me enlarge these font or display settings (globally) and be don with this task, once and for all?


Above your clock on the task bar it says 100% ... click there

Thank you, am grateful for your help. But the new settings become disturbed and return to a previous setting when I move to another page or website. Is there a way that these new settings can be locked in, globally?



I click Page, text size in IE and it never changes my settings.

Been using firefox that has different features. Will now use IE.

Is IE a favored browser? There are so many!

Thank you!


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Right-click on the desktop an choose personalize,. click the Windows Color,. then click the Advanced appearance settings

Be careful,. if you make a wring choice you will loose the Aero effects.


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Sorry,. I missed that IE and Firefox customization

Thanks for the response. And nice nova! Is it '71? I once owned a '69, but was four door (307).

But I switched from firefox to IE8. But now my homepage appears twice after it has been opened once. In other words, just after the homepage (google) opens, another one appears.....Yikos!! Is there a way that this new problem can be fixed? Ahh, so many problems :(

Thanks again!

PS: Have you any "tweaks" to allow better performance of win7?



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Look in Internet Options,. and there are probably two entries there,. just remove one.

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