Allow me, from me, to strive to convey a perspective on (Windows) OSs & continums. This ties directly w/ things that are said, written & thought, @ all & various stages of things.

>> 1 OS does not mean the sudden death or 100% loss of usefullness & value regarding OSs or hardware, already in place.
>> OS releases are 3 year intervals
>> (For the) Public OS release is GA
Now, not meaning to confuse... not mixing here what can be done or found w/ what should be.
>> Prior to GA there are 1 or more Betas & an RTM & OEMs & not for public consumption.
>> Betas are attainable by & to ppl who test, work w/ & report (findings & feelings) to MS; an on-going & intergal part of the build process for & of the GA. The source for stages & offerings leading up to the GA is from & through MS Connect, TechNet & MSDN.
>> MS, also, offered a W7 Beta publically.
>> Windows 8, also, a DP (Developers Preview)
Do not lean, too, heavily on the DP. The W8 DP is a sample, a taste & a tease, glimpse, a look into possibilities of Windows 8. It's not, even, @ Beta stage. Do not pass any sort of final judgement on aspects of Win8 based on the DP. LOTS may, can & will be changed, removed or added as we work & wait through the next 10 months or so. Nor are illiterations of a forthcoming OS, DPs & Betas, meant for daily, "production machine" or primary drive use.

>> GA for Windows 8 is late 2012
>> W8 is not very hardware demanding, not forcing upgrading of gear.
>> W8 can do TOUCH BUT, does not require it!

Not sure I've best expressed this or what I'm wanting to say, that I sense needs to be clear or clarified; @ least not w/out more details or being more explicit. Spose I'll hear...


Not bad...but it could do with out the short hand as I find it a bit confusing. Not much mind you but a little. Very straight forward and to the point. Over all I liked it.

Oh my... thanks for your comment. Yeah, I kinda stumbled into or resorted to the 'point form' bit. Was worried bout getting too verbos. Was concerned bout rambling about details, delving into factors behind the points or allowing myself to opone about mid-stream betas from Utorrent & , &, &...
By The Way, be happy to make sense of any of the "shorthand", where needed, just ask. Always welcome discussion.

Anyway, noticed & appreciated :)


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