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Hi all.

I cannot seem to be able to pin a program/shortcut to the taskbar.
Does anyone know a way around this?



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When you right-click, does the Pin to Taskbar appear in the list?

You have to right-click on the shortcut to the program.

Hi all.
I tried what you said, it does'nt work.
I do not get the pin to when I R/C a s/cut or a program


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Try downloading this free utility that can enable or disable contect menu entries.

ShellMenuView v1.12


Hi Reghakr.
Not sure if looking in right place, but could not find anything r.e pin menu


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Did you use some type of tweaking tool that may have removed it.

I'll look in the registry and see if I can locate it.

It's quite possible that I removed it by mistake somehow.


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With a treaking program?

I know of no other way to remove it.

No, no tweaking. All I did recently, was to clean out the registry along with other cleaning.
I think that it's possible I somehow removed it then.


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Can you choose a restore point?

Open up the program and you;ll see it on the taskbar. Right-click on it and choose Pin to taskbar

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Don't think so.
This is a new install, was in process of installing programs etc when I noticed Pin to was missing.
I would not know how far bact to go

I couls always reinstall Windows 7 (64bit ) from scratch.


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Make sure to perform a "clean" install, not an upgrade.

Will do. I will format as well.

Thanks for your help.



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No problem:)

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