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    I have all of my music on my D drive on my laptop and I use Foobar portable as my music player. I have foobar set up as my default player for ALL music formats (Flac, Ape, Alac, MP3...). If I go into my music folder and open a band folder (thank you microsoft for not letting me goup my 600 folders by letters of the alphabet... it makes things soooo much easier) and then open an album folder and then click Play All nothing happens. Let me rephrase that... nothing happens 2 out of 3 times. Sometimes the songs actually play (imagine that!) but mostly Windows 7 does it's best (and succeeds) at being garbage. All the music has been ripped the same way and with the same software. Windows XP never has a problem with anything like this, so what makes 7 so bad at virtually everything? What do people who like 7 do with their computers? All I know is it barely functions as an MP3 player, I couldn't imagine trying to actually accomplish anything.
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