Postpone a service starting during the boot

I would know if it is possible decide if a service can start automatically as the last.


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. You can certainly delay the start a little. I have no idea how effective this is.

Right click the start icon and, in "Run", type Services.msc and enter

Scroll down to the service you wish to delay and double click it. There you will find an option for "Automatic (delayed start)


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Automatic delayed start will have it start 1-2 minutes after the system boots. To make it start last you'd also need to create a service group order group and add your service to that group.

Thanks for your support.
The problem in my case is that when login in my laptop the service about a Cisco VPN Client not start.
I must go everytime in services.msc and press start. Now it is his just in mode "Automatic delayed start".
I would know if there is workaround that this process start every time after more time when I have logged in my laptop.
Thanks for your help


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If it's set to automatic delayed it will start, but it will take up to two minutes to start.

Sorry, before I have written that the service is just in "Automatic delayed" but I have check now and it is just automatic becouse I could not set in delayed mode and appear this error:

anyconnect error.PNG



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The service may be part of a servicegroup. You won't be able to delay these.

Thanks for your support!
I have found a workaround and I have solve the problem:
- I have turn off the service and than configured as "Manual" from services.msc
- I have created a .bat file and inside there are cmd command to start the service (net start service_name)
- Using the Task Scheduler I have setted that this .bat script must be execute 30 seconds later than log on in Windows

It is working very nice and I do not have any error

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