Windows 7 PowerShell V3 Guru Don Jones

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    Rick Claus interviews PowerShell guru Don Jones while at MMS 2012. They chat about Powershell V3. cool things that are under represented and how everything is underpinned by PowerShell in Windows Server 2012.
    In this interview you'll learn about:

    • [00:30] New Cmdlets in PowerShell v3
    • [01:59] The new PowerShell ISE
    • [02:55] Don's thoughts on the shortcomings of PowerShell currently in Beta
    • [03:59] Where can people learn more about PowerShell
    • [05:30] Demos of new Powershell v3 remoting and endpoints
    • [09:32] The Web Access Gateway feature
    • [10:48] Help Files in PowerShell v3
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