PR Stunt Carnival now underway in Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Update


Extraordinary Robot
The Horizon Rush Takeover has begun. For the next four weeks, the Horizon Stadium in the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Update is transformed into a Stunt Park featuring ramps, drift zones, loops and smashables. “To celebrate the PR Stunt Carnival, every week in Series 5 we’ll be adding four new PR Stunts – one of each type: Speed Zone, Danger Sign, Trailblazer and Speed Trap – for a total of 16 new PR Stunts,” writes Alan Walsh on “The Speed Zones will be added permanently, while the others are only available to complete in Series 5 and will feature a special icon to distinguish them from existing PR Stunts.” Head over to to find out more, including how to score PR Stunt inspired clothing as well as new horns to celebrate the carnival.

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Wow, it would be very interesting for me to attend such an event. I am madly in love with everything connected with adrenaline and speed. It's good that I learned from you that such a cool event would soon be in our area. Surprisingly, the press did not cover anything like this. It seems this doesn't seem right, and a press release should be made. A friend of mine recently showed me a BusinessMole website, and I realized what a press release is and how convenient it is. So it would be cool to see an announcement about such cool events.
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