Windows 10 Prgm crashes because of missing *.ocx and *.ocx.mui files in WinPE - Manual assignment possible?


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I used a utility for years without problems on Win7 and Win10.

Recently I wanted to add it now to an USB flash drive which boots into a Windows 10 WinPE environment.

Unfortunately the tool crashes with the popup notification:

"The code execution cannot proceed because hhctrl.ocx was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem"

Further investigation reveal that the tool tries to access at startup always the 2 ActiveX components


The latter seems not to be available on the booting Windows 10 WinPE system.

Why are these files and accesses necessary at all at startup?
hhctrl.ocx belong to the Windows Help system.
At startup time there is no need to access it.

Is there a way to bundle the *.ocx and *.ocx.mui files together with the remaining tool files?

Simply copying them into the installation folder on USB flash drive does not help.
After startup the tool searches for the files in the default directories mentioned above.
So I need a way to tell the tool to search in current directory at first for these ActiveX files.

How can I achieve this?
Changing environment variables?

The utility is 32bit and the Win10 WinPE HostSystem 64bit - if this matters.

Maybe the problem derives from ActiveX problem but from the WinPE environment?

BTW: No Registry entries are necessary.