Printing On Windows XP Connected Printer with Windows 7 64x client

We have a peer to peer network with a standard linksys wireless router. I am sharing a printer connected to a desktop computer running xp home edition. Printer works from the desktop. My laptop with xp home edition prints to the shared printer with no problem. A laptop with windows 7 successful finds and connects to the shared printer, but when I print from that machine the jobs get stuck in the spooler of the desktop xp machine connected to the printer. Any advice?All computers in the network are in the same workgroup. Printer is an HP Deskjet 4200 series.


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Try this and see if it helps;
Open Devices and Printers
Select and then right click on your problem printer on the Windows 7 Machine and choose printer properties near the center of the context menu.
Select the "Ports" tab
Choose the Add Port button
Select Local Port then the New Port button
In the enter a port name do one of the following
1. \\MachineNameHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName or
2. \\ipaddressOfMachineHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName
Often this will get rid of the job stuck in the remote queue, problem. If not try dumbing down the driver, ususally somewhere you'll be able to find an advanced options tab or dialog box, where you can deselect spooling, by choosing print directly to printer, you may also want to uncheck any box that says something to the effect of "Use bi-directional" whatever or "Advanced printer features" try adjusting them on and off, while attempting to print a simple notepad document, containing just a couple words. Keep us posted.

I'm having a similar problem with printing on a Windows XP connected printer with a Windows 7 client. On the Windows 7 computer I went into Devices and printers, selected add a printer and then add a local printer. I selected new port and typed in \\machinenamehostingprinter\printersharename. I did not need to install the printer driver, I chose the option use driver currently installed (recommended). (I have a Kodak 5100 AiO printer and had previously gone to Kodak's website and downloaded current drivers.) I selected share this printer and typed in share name and location. I was asked to print a test page and when I did it did not print. Error message was "software communication error". I can see the printer in the devices and printers screen but everytime I try to print with it i get the same message "software communication error." Anyone have any suggestions?

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