Windows 7 probably a stupid question


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But for the past 30 minutes my upgrade from Home Premium Vista to Windows 7 is stuck at "Checking compatability".

First time it gave the "install SP1 error" so I did
now it's stuck at the checking compat.
The bar on the mainscreen is moving, but it doesnt seem the small bar below is moving :(

Yea I am putting it on a pc over vista, actually its an 3gig memory HP laptop, but currently I use it to test new systems and such (MCDST training and such)

How long will this checking take? been 40 minutes now :p (my post takes long to type :( )
Maybe try doing a clean install rather than an upgrade.. Clean installs of Windows 7 (32 bit OR 64 bit) onlly take 20 mins to complete... ;)

If you've got files that you don't want to lose or bother taking the time to back them up, then just create a new partition in Disk Management and move all your data files over to there then proceed with the clean install.. I wouldn't do an upgrade from vista to a beta version of an OS. just doesn't seem very practical... ;)