Problem sharing a printer with a WinXP based computer

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by utzly, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Hello all,​
    I am trying to let a WinXP 32 bit based computer using a printer which is attached to a Win 7 64 bit based computer. ​
    Both computers share the same workgroup and 'see' shared files on each other. I am following instructions given by How-to-Geek (the link to the page: Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP :: the How-To Geek ). ​
    Both computer have drivers to the printer – a HP LaserJet 3050 – since the printer was previously attached to the WinXP based computer. ​
    I shared the printer on the Win 7 computer but it refuses to also install x86 driver "so that user on suitable systems will be able to download them automatically when they are connect". I couldn't find the right *.inf file (I did search the HP site, downloaded the x86 package, extract it but still the required inf file was not found). ​
    On the winXP computer, I find the right printer and when I try to add it I am told that the source computer doesn't have the right driver. When it ask me to locate that driver by myself I can't find it (though the printer was previously installed on that machine). ​
    Can someone help? ​
    Dose someone know what is the name of the missing inf file?​

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