Problem sharing libraries

Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem with windows 7 professional x64.

When I first installed it some time ago I was able to set up a homegroup and share files on my home network with another win 7 pc and an xbox with no problems at all. All was good until I had to reinstall windows on my machine yesterday. For some reason when I go to the home group settings so I can chose what to share, I tick all the boxes and click save and when I go back to it all the boxes are unticked except for the streaming one.

Also if I want to manually share something on the network, and I rightclick on it and go share with specific people and I try to select the homegroup I get an error saying "windows was unable to find" but it doesn't tell me what windows was looking for in the first place.

Also if I try to acces the other computer over the network, I get a window asking me for user name and password. I didn't used to have such a thing the first time around. I don't understand what has happened and how to fix it.

I have first disabled then uninstalled completely my kaspersky internet security 2010 to no avail. I have deleted the files in the PeerNetworking folder to no avail. I don't seem to be able to get it going.

Has anyone come across this and if you fixed it can you please help me?



Joe S

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Home group only works between Windows 7 PCs. To share with others you will have to share thru workgroup like XP and Vista.

Thank you Joe S but as I said the other PC on the network IS a Win 7 PC and I was streaming stuff to the Xbox. Anyway I figured out what was the problem.

Since my last post I have reinstalled win 7 about 3 times and every time i got the same thing plus other weird stuff like some of the program i have wouldn't install with weird errors, drivers wouldn't work. Well as it turned out, the permissions for all the directories on my comp and additional HDDs were a complete chaos. Add to this the antivirus freshly installed before all the drivers and you have a desaster of a weekend.

What I did to revert everything was copy all the files on my Laptop HDD to external storage and format the laptop hdd partitions then copy back the files (I used total commander for this because it does not keep permissions and other stuff while copying (it has a separate option for this which i kept unchecked)). After this I reinstalled windows and all is good now.

So word to the wise: be carefull with folder permissions!



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