Problem with KVM


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Good Afternoon,

Two Windows-7 Pro machines with KVM installed switching keyboard and mouse (not video).

Second machine used to recognise KVM'd mouse but no longer does - sees it now as an unrecognised device.

The keyboard works via the KVM but I've had to put an additional mouse on the second computer (not USB - the type which plugs into the miniature DIN socket marked as mouse).

How to get out of this inconvenience ?




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It seems KVMs never work just right. :( It is my experience even the more costly ones are just cheaply made. They use cheap cables, cheap and poorly constructed cable connectors. And poor quality components inside the switch. The pure "intelligent" switches (no moving parts) are better, but not immune to premature failure.

If you swap the connectors to the other computer, does the problem move with the cable or stay with the same computer?

Make sure all the cable connections are tightly fastened. If the switch is mechanical, you might be able to open the case to expose the contacts then clean them with some quality electrical contact cleaner.

BTW, that miniture DIN connector is called a PS/2 connector.


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Thanks for your post.

Er ... it was a looke connection on one of the USB leads. I've taped over them to help prevent this happening again.

Thanks again.