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KVM causes erratic mouse behaviour in some games


New Member
Dec 16, 2022

I use a KVM switch to enable my Windows 11 PC, work laptop, CCTV and Android box to share the same mouse, keyboard and monitor.

The KVM I am using is: Link Removed

Usually everything works smoothly, without any problems when I switch between computers. However, when in some games (e.g. Witcher 3) the mouse movement is incredibly erratic and is unusable. The cursor will seemingly jump around in random directions whenever I move the mouse. If I shut the game down or just switch to Windows desktop the mouse behaves normally again. To get around this I have to disconnect the mouse from the KVM and plug it directly into the PC USB port when I want to use it in games (some games are ok though, e.g. Eve Online doesn't have this issue).

Has anyone got any ideas for how I can prevent this erratic mouse issue without having to disconnect the mouse from the KVM?

Test without the KVM. If you don't have the issue then the KVM is the problem, so no not without disconnecting the KVM.