1. B

    Help playing Windows 95/98 games in Windows 10

    Hello there, I am trying to install several Windows 95/98 games onto a new Windows 10 computer. I have gone to dozens of websites, and followed their instructions, but it still does not work. I get the same error for all of them. It says “This app can’t run on your PC" I have already tested...
  2. thowans

    CS:GO Analytics help needed.

    Hey guys. I need help with CS:GO analytics. I mean, I need any kind of software or website or service which has match analytics and stats functionality. CS:GO is my favorite games and mostly I play competitive mode in the game itself, Faceit, etc. I want to improve my tactical and strategical...
  3. TLG

    64 bit operating system: 64 bit games lag but 32 bit don't.

    Hi, i have had this problem for a while now but have fixed it by just running my games in 32 bit, but with new games coming out and 32 bit getting old a lot of new games don't support 32 bit My problem is whenever i run a 64 bit game, no matter what it is every minute or so i get a 15 second...
  4. P

    help plz

    every time i start up some games they have a weird red checkered pattern on them. but it doesn't affect all games. i think it is only games that are affected, but im not sure what it is. plz help
  5. RUDY03

    Games that have map Editors like Far Cry Series?

    Hey guys, can anyone please suggest me some games that have great map editors/map makers available? I absolutely love the one that came with my Far Cry 3, and I use it to make cool maps all the time, but the only drawback is that Far Cry is a first-person game, and the physics don't really go...
  6. P

    Some games won't run!

    I've been having trouble running quite a few games lately, which include Deus Ex: Invisible War, The Movies and Shogun: Total War. Now these games are quite old, The Movies being the most recent (2005) which may explain why they won't run, but I've had little to no problem running other older...
  7. GLucaViggy

    Game refuses to play. Intro then stops

    Basically I'm trying to run a game from 2003 on windows 7. It used to work fine, but recently it's behaving very odd. The game will run, do its intro, then next will be the main menu screen. But instead it informs that the game has stopped working, tries to find a solution but fails. Anyone know...
  8. chu-chu train  kids rhymes youtube videos for kids

    chu-chu train kids rhymes youtube videos for kids

    Kids 3D Rhymes ,SUBSCRIBE to CortoonMart for great Nursery Rhyme animations, Action Songs & Rhymes, Lullabies and Classic Stories. Watch our videos where you will find the best acoustic music recording set to beautiful hand drawn animation of all your favourite songs for babies, toddlers and...
  9. Nursery Rhymes | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poem | 3D Rhymes | lyrics

    Nursery Rhymes | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poem | 3D Rhymes | lyrics

    " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poem Lyrics " _____________________________________ twinkle twinkle little star lyrics Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. When the blazing sun is gone, When he...
  10. Wheels On The Bus | kids Rhymes - Youtube Videos | For Kids

    Wheels On The Bus | kids Rhymes - Youtube Videos | For Kids

    Audio Coppy Rights| eGteach IN Youtube club channel " eGteach and Coetoonmart Youtbe Link : ttps:// SUBSCRIBE link funny love story in 2d animation Baa...