A question regarding Windows 11. (Games freezing on startup).



I have a new computer and windows 11. The problem is then, some of my games freezes about ten seconds in.

This was the cause concerning Counter strike source which a windows update fixed. Some games works and others not.

I wonder if this is what we have to live with since most of the information that is given
clearly says all games won't work with windows 11.

Or can this be fixed and/or do i have to use google to see if this is a fix "game by game" until windows 11 releases a update.

All answers are appriciated!

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I haven't had any issues with any of the games I play on Windows 11. If your talking about old games, yeah there is certainly a chance they won't work and probably require no longer supported versions of direct etc.
lots of old Games like Kotor will not run on W11 because DX9 is finished now... modern games should be mostly fine but that is why places like Steam have had to drop W7 era games
Okay, also im new to this forum i should mention. That is weird then because neither "the witcher 2"
or "fallout 3" works. It freezes about ten seconds of loading.

Is that because of compatility of windows xp,7 or windows 8 etc?

I guess i'l have to wait for updates from windows beacause "counter strike source" had the same issue.
Which a windows update fixed.

Or is this something i could fix myself?

I have updated everything that could possibly be updated. Graphic Card, direct x, net. framework, and many more

I could mention that processor drivers i haven't found yet. It's a sort of program that finds necessary drivers but i have yet not
been able to find these drivers. (i think they installed it when the company built the computer and tested it)
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I don't know how it happened but it just started working. No update just started working. Thank you for the respond.

Edit: If this helps anyone else. The only thing i did (maybe something more but im not sure) was changing some settings in
Teamspeak 3 and i took my chanche to press "new game" maybe that changed som settings.

Edit2: Fallout stopped working again . It should be some setting you have done. Anyways happy gaming.
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This is weird it's like some setting thats changes. It started but suddenly stopped again. Anyone
have an ideá of what this is?
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are you playing these games on a client like Ea, Gog or Steam?
have you tried just removing teamtalk from the system?
Yes the client is steam. What is teamtalk i googled it but i didn't find any information about it?
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teamtalk is a voip [voice over ip] app like teamspeak or Discord... they all have a love / hate going on with Microsoft

my point is remove them, check that Steam isn't installed to program files and then test again... its not the game because you said it just started working so its going to be some crapware running in the background and a lot of those also use the same ports as Steam or the verious Voip apps
Yes! I found it (and stupid of me not to realise that it was "teamspeak" you meant). It was either Overwolf (from teamspeak) or two other processes that ran in the background. I think it was either one of those three.
If anyone wonder which other two processors i shut down. This is a guess but it was Shogun2 (which ran in the background) and the third
i dont remember you have to guess.

So solution: Close processes that was either "Teamspeak processes (including other installs (like Overwolf)) or some other programs that runs in the background.

Thank you ussnorway for the help.

Edit1: It was Overwolf. I restarted computer and was carefully checking that it was Overwolf.
So solution is that you close Overwolf and all games should work!
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Yes thank you again. Those programs running in the background is a real hazzle.

Edit1: Also thank you to Neemobeer.
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