Problem with two network cards in Win7 networking to Win XP

Hi everyone,

I am currently having a problem that has been troubling me for a long time, I've looked all over the internet and I still haven't found a solution. My problem is that my XP network cannot access my Win7 server, but its not the same problem that has so many solutions around on the internet.

Here is my situation:
I have 2 networks in my office.

Network1 consists of 3 WinXP machines connected via Router1 to Modem1 to the internet.
Network2 consists of 7 64-bit Windows7 machines connected via a Switch to Router2 to Modem2 and then to the internet.

I also have a server machine running Windows7 64bit with two network cards. One NIC is connected to Router1, the other connected to the Switch.

All of the above machines are all under the same work group: WORKGROUP

My Windows7 machines on Network2 can interact fine with the server.
However, my WinXP machines cannot access the server "most" of the time, I've had a rare few occasions where it magically worked.

Can anyone help me out solving this issue?



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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Would it be possible for you to supply the ip config for network 1 and network 2 and the ipconfig of each of the nics in the server. I can picture the physical setup and think I know whats going on but without ip details for the 2 networks it's difficult to truly picture whats going on. May I also ask why 2 modems?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Here's more info:

I can ping the server from any computers on both networks, using both IP or Computer Name.

Server shows up in Network Places only for Windows 7 computers in Network 2. When I try to access fileshare from Windows7 Network with \\servername\ or through network places it works fine.

Server does not show up in Network Places for Network 1 which only has WinXP computers. When I try to access fileshare from explorer using \\servername\ it says I do not have permission.

I think one important piece of information is that currently on my WinXP computers I cannot view workgroup computers. Whenever I click view workgroup computers it says I do not have permission to access the workgroup.

Router 1:
LAN Settings:
DHCP Enabled = Yes
DHCP Scope = to

Router 2:
LAN Settings:
DHCP Enabled= Yes
DHCP Scope = to

All computer IPs are assigned automatically by DHCP server.
My server's NIC IP address is now auto assigned to:


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