Windows 7 Problems after installing RC1


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Hi guys, as i didnt find any real answers about this, i will ask in my own post.

From my experience with win7 x64, for me the best version was 7000, no doubt about it.

Since i installed RC1 x64, on the same system, i get unstable system. Sometimes windows explorer stop responding, for example if i donwload some file, it will stop responding at the save to dialogue box, sometimes i will need to restart windows explorer several times until im able to save the file.

Another issue is with Window Live MEssenger, sometimes it will stop respondig a few seconds after i log in, need to restart it a lot of times, other times, i can use it for hours without any issues....

My drivers are updated, i really dont know why this happens, but started in RC1.

My system is:

Gigabyte GA-G1975x
Pentium D 805 - 2.66 Ghz
4Gb DDR2
ATI x850Pro 256mb PCie x16
3 SATA hard drives
1 External 500 Gb USB drive
one PCI card installed, Avermedia Tv capture card, but not using cause no drivers for it, should i better remove it from the system?

The same system was running without any issues on win7 beta 7000

Thanks for any tips