Windows Vista Problems getting on to the internet.


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Jan 18, 2009
Any help,but today some software could not get on to the internet,notibly-Avira anti-virus and Spybot Search and Destroy.
I was trying to install both,and both unable to connect,the firewall is seeing them trying to connect,and I am allowing them.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I had the same problom twice when I installed windows 7 on the same machine. was tried basic then I tried ultimate. both times I had to go into my network drives disable and enebled my network cards to get it to work. I think it is cause I have 2 cards on my machine and it got confused


Tried dis-connect,and re-connect still no joy.
Just had no trouble installing Avast A/V,with no problems,and installed P C Tools firewall,also no trouble to connect.
All a bit confusing?

Sounds like an icompatible software package. Try uninstalling both the firewall and spybot search and destroy and then reinstall them in compatibility mode of vista. I have found several instances where those software say they install correctly and dont.