Problems in connecting to internet on system start up

Hello to everybody. Recently I switched from Vista to Windows 7 on my desktop PC and since then I have an annoying problem connecting to the network at startup. I am connected to internet with a belkin router. In a completely random and unpredictable way, when Windows starts, the network may be available or not. When not available, clicking on the icon in the bottom right, I see only the symbol of the bench with the message that there is no connection. In these cases the only way to get around the problem is to disable the network connection and then enable it again. This reactivate my home network and connection to Internet.

Reading other posts and other forums I saw that the problem could be solved by setting a static IP. I tried to do it, going over the network adapter and clicking Properties, IPv4, and then inserting these values ( is the network address of the router):

IP address
Subnet Mask
Preferred DNS

Unfortunately, things did not change. Even with these settings, most often at startup windows does not connect and I have to disable and re-enable the connection to have it working.

When I used Vista on the same PC, the problem never occurred. But a similar problem occurs with Linux-Mint, which I installed on a secondary partition of the same PC (again I have to disable and reenable connection). The same router is connected to another computer by cable and here I never had any connection problem.

Can someone help me?
Many thanks for your kindness!



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As you are having this with both Linux Mint and Windows 7 my thought is this could be more of a hardware issue than a OS issue (I could be wrong though). A couple of things you could try are

1. Backup your routers settings and reset to factory defaults and enter the settings to get it conenct to the internet again and see if this resolves the issue, if this does you might have a configuration error somewhere (if this doesn't fix the problem use your backup file to restore your settings).

2. Can you borrow a network card from someone and try this in your desktop to confirm that there is not a fault with your card.


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