Problems installing Win 7 to a new custom build

Support and advice will be much appreciated, So heres my issue, ive just finnished assembling my custom build and start her up after the BIOS screen i am prompted to insert the boot medium so i place the windows OEM for system builders and off it goes, from there a black screen with the words 'loading windows files is displayed once the progress bar is finnished the statement starting windows apears followed by the win 7 logo after about a min the sys shuts down, thoughts comments sugjestions, please help. My build, ASUS P7h55-M PRO, intel core i5 processor, Patriot devision 2 viper extreme momorey pc3-12800 1600mhz 2 4gig sticks, Silver stone strider plus 500w, and a msi n460gtx. trying to install on a kingston 30g ssd.

In all my years of PC experience, (about 31, now) I've only seen one time when Windows install would crash at the same point, time after time. In short, it was one bad memory stick.
I had to stop the install process, boot up from a Utilities CD and run Memtest on each memory stick, one at a time, till I found the bad one. It was from a company that I know puts out some real garbage.... mostly refurbished ram, using second grade chips.

One test you might do, is take out the memory sticks, clean the edge connector with a clean rag, dampened with alcohol (Denatured Alcohol is best) and then Re-Seat the ram. Then try your install again.

If you're still having problems installing Windows, and, If you have "Memtest" on a bootable CD or Flash Drive, run that on each RAM stick individually.

* If you're going to build your own systems, you should have some utilities like Memtest on a bootable disk. There are many such Utilities CD's available for download from the internet, for FREE.

Lastly, it could be that you have some piece of hardware installed in your new system that is NOT windows 7 compatible.

Good Luck (I know that problems with a brand new system can be mind blowing. I've built hundreds of systems over the past 30 years, and a piece of DOA hardware is not impossible)

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Is there some type of pre-install you need to do for an OEM version of the software?


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Shouldn't you use a triple channel configuration with intel? I noticed you only have two sticks of memory.

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Does the SSD need an aditional driver not in Windows 7?

To all of you that offered advice thank you at least one of the ideas worked, i tried them all.

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