Problems with search in start bar. (slow)

Hwy there everyone. Happy windows 7 user here. Had it since it came out, however recently I have been experiencing my laptop really slowly whenever I perform a search in the start bar field.
So I hit start, search for a program and document. Sometimes it finds it, sometimes not, but nearly always the PC slows to a state where I can't really use it for about 5 minutes then returns to normal.
Really strange, would not have the first idea about fixing this.



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This is probably not the abswer you are looking for vbut, fwiw, I have disabled search in windows 7. (That does mean, of course, that you must then use "run" to get at your programs. Instead I use a small third party program(FREE) called "everything". It works like lightening. Have a look here and give it a try:

Everything Search Engine

Hey there, big thanks I downloaded it and I like it:)
I would however like that search to work anyway as now and again I will stumble upon using it accidently and will be a pain each time.

Thanks but both don't solve the original issue which could spread to other areas and get worse if left.


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What type of things are you trying to find by using that search method? Since it looks for things other that just files, like favorites or contacts, perhaps you now have so many it is slowing down.

If you right click on the Start Button, properties, customize, there are some search parameters you might try changing.

Adding search filters, or indexing might speed things up.

Just for the heck of it, have you tried Winkey + F to start a search?

While you do a search, you might open Task Manager and watch the CPU usage to see if it is being loaded. Maybe something else is causing the slow down.

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