Windows 7 problome with file download


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hello evreyone.

i've upgraded my 7000 build to 7048 build and one problome was fixed, but another poped.

when i'm trying to download any file(exe,zip...), in any browser(mozilla,ie) there is a progress bar and evrething and the download is correct but when the file is done with the download the file is not appear in any place... even not in the search.

does anyone know about a patch or and update or a fix to that problome?

best regards,
When you download the file in IE, change to the desktop and to where to download it too.

Much easier to locate there.

But, I've also heard this build has even more problems than previous builds.
i've changed he location and it's not working. i inastalled a dap, if download throw him the file is saved.

another problome is that severel folders are knowed to the computer as read only and i cant write on the file. when i change the directory to non-read only the process is shown and when i try to rewrite on the file it wont give me becuse the directory and the files are listed(AGAIN) as read only.

i tried by any way: permission but it just wont work.
i inastalled a dap

What exackly is dap? and how were you allowed to install the program without a Administartor password.
According to posts here, build 7408 is producing many errors.

Do you have DEP on?
Im having a similar problem,but when i try to download Silverlight for example it just wont donwload it ,it redirects me to the donwload file address which is something terminated like ?=silverlight2 not sure and it shows that page with the diagnostic option...
again not sure if any gpo is locking it but i dont think so....
if anyone have any clue i really apreciate it
thx in advance
Woh there Reghakr.
I have had no problems with 7048, now in its 4th day. I think many complaints are repititious and based on initial lack of handling knowledge. You will also see that the majority of complaints are coming from users trying to upgrade, rather than a clean install. As the "builds" are not meant for public use, and can contain known (by MS) errors, it is unwise to try an upgrade rather than a clean install. Truth is that, apart from a couple of petty things I would like to see changed, I find it hard to bug it. I do not use the Media Centre, which seems to be troublesome.
Have you looked in Users\yourname\downloads. I havnt been there for a while, but I think that is the initial download location. I.E 8 has a bad habit of always downloading to the last used location (for downloads) You can try and alter the registry with this, but I found that if I then selected a new download location from IE, it returned there.

Click [Start] [Run] [Regedit] and navigate to the following Key:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]
In the right-pane, change the data for [Download Directory] to your existing download folder
[Enter full path, say E:\Internet\Downloads]
If the entry is not found, create a new String Value [called as REG_SZ] named Download Directory and set the data accordingly. Quit Registry Editor and Restart Windows
Which Folders/files are you trying to write to? Some are redundant, and are only there for backward compatibility purposes. They are know (by mS) as junction files. You should not attempt to gain permission to enter these locations, as it will make a mess of your files. If we are discussing the same locations, you should not even be able to see them if you have the system folders selected as hidden in the Windows explorer view options. If you are interested in reading up on this, and finding out where the new folders are situated, you can have a look here:
Application Compatibility: Junction Points and Backup Applications

Silverlight is one of the first updates you receive, after installing Windows 7.7048. You may find you already have it if you had automatic updates turned on?
The Microsoft page checks your computer and, if the above is applicable, you will see the attached picture. (from
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Hi Davehc thx for replying,
yeah i know but the thing is i cant get windows automatic updates at all,and the error i already reported in a topic named: windows update&activation issues...
just cant get around it,i may confess hackers even in my internet provider ppl who dun like me,they always give me a bad ip address combination so maybe thats the problem...
when i try to update it says some AV app ,firewall,ati spy or proxy server is blocking the svchost.exe app but i dun think so its all allowed by default in my AV,i already added all windows update servers to my trusted list,and still can get any updates,i suspect also that im being an arp spoof victim,tried to install the Sax2 software no success it gives me an error that was unable to register Dll/OCX bla bla bla reg32v somethin like that,when i opened the event log i saw the error report which was related to the client sidebyside so i guess its a msxml problem...
it can be a whole bunch of reasons why windows is not updating,but i think it might be something related to my ip address given,or i may need to confgure some proxy server which i have no idea how to do it,already set to detect it automatically but still wont work...
kinda need an urgent help !!!

Thx again and will be looking forward for the reply(sorry bout the bad english kinda lazy to write correctly)
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Try a clean install. Don't answer if you do not wish, but from where did you get the OS download.? I have read that there are some fakes around. An upgrade is always a bad option with builds.
Hi there !
yeah i know many ppl download pirate ones,but im not into it, i downloaded from MS servers,i was one of the first 24 million ppl(not sure bout the number) to download it,and i used the MS download manager provided b4 it the serial number from Microsoft and it said that version expires in august and gave all the advices bla bla bla...but im still loving in it ,win7 is installed in my main PC which is a laptop...
if you understand about networking (just hooking with this oportunity) can you help me out bout Echo requests as i mentioned in the Network session...
thx in advance and sorry bout buggin you guys alot,jus intrested in exchanging ideas and get rid of some lifeless hackxz hehe
Hey. This site is all about helping each other and exchanging information. You are not bugging anyone.
Sorry, this is just before sun up here and I am going away for the day. Maybe someone else will step in and help you out meanwhile.
But try and disable any anti malware gear you have - antivirus, disable the firewall, any anti spyware programs etc. Confirm you are using the MS download manager and IE? Obviously you are referring to the 7000 beta?
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heya ^^
thx for the support dude :D
bout the IE yeah im using ie8 provided by win7 but i've been already using ie8 beta on my vista premium since it released ,bout the MS download manager i was referring to the Download manager provided by MS to download win7 remember?i was just telling you that i dled that from a trusted server which is public ms...
dude im going crazy soon lol cant get in msdn web sites,not even silverlight download servers,not even those help and support ms sites which terminate with wlink?=8067 something like that....
thats really weird coz in this computer im on now which is my moms and win7 is installed in this one as well,i was getting updates 2 days ago now it gives me an error 80072EFD ,im telling you those things are getting me paranoia ¬¬
anyways cya when i see ya
cheers buddy

Problem with silver light and other apps downloads solved,was a stupid group policy i set up incorrectly ¬¬, but the windows update thingy still remains and ive heard that its a ISP problem,dunno how to solve it any tips?
Cheers and will be looking forward for replies
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Same problem here:
Can't download any files with firefox 3.0.7 (also tried 3.1beta3) or ie8.
The download starts as expected, and after a while suddenly disappears and doesn't show up in the specified folder (neither user/downloads, nor any other).
No problems ith opera.