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I have tablet acer iconia w500 and I think that my processor is very slow. I can see in performance / windows experience index that my processor mark is 2.7 (min.=1 max=7.9). Please, how to fix this problem, because my desktop comp is 3 times faster then tablet. OS on tablet is win 7 home premium. Thank you in advance.


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You can't fix it the tablet just has a slow cpu.



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Not likely since it is not likely the tablet maker has developed drivers for a 10 year old, antiquated, obsolete, and less secure legacy operating system like XP. That tablet was designed for modern operating systems, not legacy ones.

Please, how to fix this problem, because my desktop comp is 3 times faster then tablet.
Sounds about right. Tablets never were noted for their speed and that's one reason their popularity never took off.

If only a tablet could harness the power of a modern desktop, I'd have a tablet instead.


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If only a tablet could harness the power of a modern desktop, I'd have a tablet instead.
Not me. I need my two 22" widescreen monitors, full sized keyboard and a mouse.

One thing not yet mentioned, is HEAT. The faster a computer runs, the more heat it generates, that's continued from the CPU to the RAM and the Drives, either HD or SSD.

So run slow and stay cool. Heat KILLS Electronics.

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Heat KILLS Electronics.
Agreed and as noted in my sig too. ;) Unless hit with a hammer, it is always heat that does the actual destruction. Old components don't just die, they get weak, can't handle the current any longer and fry. And to that, that is EXACTLY why I dislike notebook marketing weenies who falsely portray some of their notebooks as gaming machines or "desktop replacements". There is no such thing as a good gaming notebook. They may "game" well (at least when new and still clean) but you cannot keep them clean, or properly cooled.

Regular PC cases are challenged to provide adequate air flow through the case - so how can a tiny notebook case packed full of heat generating devices keep them cool? Notebooks, because of the very nature of their compact size simply cannot support multiple large (120mm or larger) fans and the necessary vents to keep a notebook properly cooled. Additionally, because notebook makers are constantly striving for the thinest, lightest, notebooks, notebook cases are proprietary :mad: and nearly impossible for the "average" user to "safely" open it up to fully expose the interior for proper cleaning - a necessity for ALL computers.

Digerati, i couldn't agree more.

Say no to proprietary formats, no matter what industry they are found in. They are a direct result of high prices with no way to substitute parts. In a since a notebook is disposable and cost twice as much as a desktop all for the title of being portable. Portable or not, I want to be able to work on or at least clean my PC on a regular basis.


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Yeah, I agree. I generally recommend inspecting PC case interiors monthly, and clean as necessary - which in my house (with Hank - the dog, and grandkids in and out stirring up dust and dog hair) that means about every 6 months I have to lug my systems outside to blast them out with my air compressor. Before I replaced all my cases with new ones that have removable, washable air filters, it was a 4 or 5 times a year chore - at least with my systems that run 24/7.

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