Properties button missing in Windows 7 "Connect to a network" menu from the tray icon.

Hey, I'm having a problem with Windows 7.
I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS, but I can't connect to my home network because it is secured with a WEP key. I know what the WEP key is, but I can't enter the key, because the properties button is missing when I right-click on the network in the "Connect to a network" menu from the system tray. It only shows the "Connect" button when I right-click (on every network). Anyone have any advice?

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Try opening the Network and Sharing Center and
in the left column choose "Manage wireless networks"
From there you should be able to see a list of any previously established wireless connections
You should be able to double click and edit the security tab to reflect the proper type, encryption and network key, check show character and make sure that it is type correctly.
You can also choose the "Remove" button to delete any problem profiles as well as the "Add" button to manually add a new profile.
Hope this helps and keep us posted.

Thanks so much for helping me, for some odd reason, it's showing me the properties option now, as well as a status option. As a side question, the reason for me reinstalling Windows was because I couldn't use the internet, even after connecting to my network. I suspect Sunbelt's Firewall (or what was leftover from the wizard, since it didn't finish) was limiting the connection. Know why? Anyway, thanks for all the help and happy holidays!


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First of all thank you for the kind Holiday Wishes, and the same to you and yours from all of us here at
As to your question "know why?" I can only say that we've seen often enough here in the forums where an unsuccessful or incomplete uninstall of any number of AntiVirus / Internet Security Suites has left remnants of the software which consequently left problems that were not so easily identifiable on the computer. Virtually all of the top teir vendors make a proprietary removal tool which you can usually find using google. For instance Sunbelt Software has one here Sunbelt Software Support - Sunbelt Software Support for their consumer version of Vipre and CounterSpy. And I would highly recommend to you and anyone who may read this in the future to use those vendor specific uninstallers after performing a conventional uninstall of the product through the control panel, whether or not it appeared to complete successfully, just to do a final cleanup to rid the computer of any lasting remnants.
Glad to hear that things seem to be working well for you now and thanks for posting back and updating your thread.

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