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Sep 27, 2009

There is an option in the True Image software called Try&Decide. This feature allows creating a secure, controlled temporary workspace on your computer
without requiring you to install special virtualization software. You can perform various system operations without worrying that you might damage your operating system, programs or data. After making virtual changes you may apply them to your original system if you want to make them permanent.

Disable the Ease of Access button on the logon screen.

If people can access your PC, i.e a school, anyone who can get to your computer can use the "Ease of Access" button to switch the narrator on, the magnifier on and onscreen can be turned on and the color scheme can be changed to black and white. That would be annoying. There is really no point showing this button, unless of course you are disabled. If you want to remove it you'll need this neat little program. You can re-enable it if you want.

Another reason to disable "Ease of Access"

"Ease of Access" makes it so inviting to try to exploit and compromise a omputer's security. If... and that's a big "IF" someone replaced one of the options - for example the magnifier - with another program - say cmd.exe, the
entire system would be available to anyone/everyone without logging on. That would make the ENTIRE COMPUTER available with a *** higher *** security access level than Administrator.


You can sidestep most system restrictions by loging into you system as Administrator. Running as Administrator (rather than just a user in the Administrator's group) bypasses all security and is NOT recommended it's NOT a good idea to leave your system set this way.

Press winkey+r and run this command:

"net user administrator /active:yes"

Restart your computer and logon as Administrator.

To disable the Administrative account log on an account with administrative privileges (but not as the Administrator) and run the command with :no
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