Windows 7 Proxy server at home. Autoconnect when traveling?


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I recently read an article on using a Raspberry Pi as a proxy server. The article talked about using my laptop on a public WiFi and how that's not secure (which is why I don't use public WiFi for anything that requires security such as banking etc).

The article talked about setting up an SSH tunnel from the laptop to your RasPi (which is at home and you'd have a DynDNS account pointing to the house).

This sounds like something that I'd definitely like to do as it would certainly be nice to be able to do my banking when at the hotel. Same for letting Quicken 2013 sync to their cloud service.

So the first question now: Is it possible to open a tunnel that routes ALL internet traffic through the tunnel regardless of which port(s) are destined? For example, I don't know what port quicken uses.

And the second Q: is it possible to set it up so that the laptop will automatically open the tunnel if the current WiFi connection is NOT the home network?